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Hong Kong As a Financial Hub

Hong Kong – the world's freest economy*


Hong Kong is a well-established premier financial hub for Asia.

It is home to the highest concentration of banking institutions in the world with over 71 of the largest 100 international banks having operations in the territory. It also supports the largest concentration of fund managers in Asia with more than 290 fund management companies in operation there.

For more than a century, Hong Kong has served as the gateway to mainland China and has the necessary expertise, information and facilities to tap into the Chinese marketplace, which has made Hong Kong the largest trading partner of Mainland China.

Credit Suisse’s Private Banking clients who book their assets in Hong Kong can benefit from the country’s geographical proximity to many countries in the region. Hong Kong's excellent telecommunications and infrastructure present an added advantage.

The country’s high living standards, quality of life and environment are frequently ranked among the most attractive in Asia for foreign-skilled professionals. Hong Kong has a strong, efficient and transparent legal and judicial framework, based on common English law, which presents a favorable regulatory and business environment with a high degree of banking confidentiality. It also has a favorable tax regime, with no tax on foreign-sourced income remitted to Hong Kong, no capital gains tax, no withholding tax in dividends and no interest and inheritance tax or VAT.

* Source : 2009 Index of economic freedom

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