Legal Notes Sales Disclosure Notice

Sales Disclosure Notice

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We may be affiliated with various issuers of investment products.

Aberdeen International Fund Managers Limited, Aventicum Capital Management (Switzerland) Limited, Argentum Capital S.A., Luxembourg, Ascent Finance Limited, BOATS Investments (Netherlands) B.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands, Claudius Limited, Clouse S.A., Corsair Finance Intl. (Ireland) Plc, CRANE Investments Limited, Jersey, Demeter Investments (Netherlands) BV, Eolo Investment B.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands, Ramper Investments (Jersey) Limited, Sherlock Limited, St Helier, Jersey, Watson Investments B.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands. York Capital Management, Landmark Capital SA, VAULT Investments plc, and issuers whose names bear the words “Credit Suisse” are our Group companies.

Unless we otherwise inform you, all other issuers are third party issuers which are not our Group companies and are therefore not affiliated with us. Credit Suisse or other Group companies may take on advisory or other administrative roles with issuer entities, for which they may receive remuneration.