A Leading Franchise of Partnership-Driven Solutions

The Credit Suisse APAC Solutions business aims to provide fully cross-asset product offerings to our ultra-high net worth, high net worth, intermediary and institutional clients, encompassing the following areas:

  • Cross-Asset Investor Products bring together coverage teams across equity derivatives and fixed income in key regional markets focused on external institutional and intermediaries clients
  • Solutions Structuring delivers tailored client solutions across markets, asset classes and delivery wrappers
  • Investor Products trading offers a complete range of risk management capabilities in structured products for fixed income, hybrids and long-dated equities products
  • Investment Solutions trading focuses on content and portfolio solutions, including our structured funds and credit offerings 
  • Execution Services provide superior access to internal and external liquidity providers in cash securities, FX and structured products, as well as securities lending services to our clients

Investor Products

  • Credit Solutions: We are a leading provider of asset-based credit solutions to institutional and retail clients. Our asset solutions business includes asset swaps, Structured Notes, Credit Linked Notes, Repackage notes, skew arbitrage, and regulatory capital solutions.
  • Quantitative Investment Strategies (QIS): We offer a full universe of cross-asset quantitative strategies across Smart Beta (including HOLT), Alternative Risk Premia Portfolio Hedging, and Asset Allocation – leveraging our research and trading capabilities.
  • Structured Derivatives: We deliver a leading suite of structured investment products including Notes, Fund/UCITS, and Fund Linked products.

Emerging Markets

Credit Suisse has a continued leadership position in complex, innovative transactions across emerging markets, regularly generating inventive and tailor-made solutions for clients.

  • Brazil: Credit Suisse acquired Garantia in 1998 to establish a leading investment bank presence in Brazil, followed by Hedging-Griffo in 2006 to enable wealth management services. Our Brazil franchise has a leading client footprint that uniquely reflects the strength of our integrated solutions offering and our global distribution capabilities.
  • Latin America and the Caribbean: We are a leading arranger of structured loans for sovereigns, financial institutions and corporates, with coverage across Mexico, Argentina, Central America, the Caribbean and other frontier markets.
  • Russia: Credit Suisse was the first Western financial institution to be granted a Russian securities license membership on the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX) and Russian Trading System (RTS). We provide innovative structured products, credit, and restructuring solutions tailored to local client needs.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: Our exceptional track record and experience covers over USD 4 billion in loans arranged in over 15 transactions since 2012. We provide specialist-dedicated Sub-Saharan Africa coverage leveraging strong relationships with entrepreneurs, financial institutions, contractors, and government ministers for infrastructure projects.
  • Asia Pacific: In this region, we have some outstanding businesses which include a top tier wealth management team, a leading structured lending business and resilient 1st market positions1 in Investment Banking and Equities.

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