Programy rozwoju talentów dla absolwentów EMEA Global Markets: Sales, Trading and Structuring (Analyst only)

EMEA Global Markets: Sales, Trading and Structuring (Analyst only)

Our Global Markets division is an integral part of Credit Suisse’s new strategy, and serves some of the world’s most prestigious financial institutions, corporations, governments and institutional investors. As a Sales, Trading and Structuring Analyst, you will collaborate with colleagues and clients in a range of areas, from simple financing to liability management, structured finance and hedging and derivatives.

This full-time Analyst program is open to undergraduates and students studying for an undergraduate or Master’s degree in any discipline. By combining formal training, on-the-job learning and mentoring, we provide a rich learning environment.

As part of our full-time Analyst program, you will:

  • Train in a comprehensive four-week global program in our New York office.
  • Receive technical and capital markets training from some of the industry’s top instructors.
  • Work alongside senior managers, and a build a valuable network across all levels of the organization.
  • Receive FSA training where relevant; you will sit for exams before the completion of the program.