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Corporate responsibility. Critical for long-term success.

We strive to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders. And we understand that our duties as a financial services provider come with vast responsibilities: Toward the economy and society, as an employer, and for our environment.


Our Approach

As well as complying with the professional standards and ethical values set out in our Code of Conduct, we strive to assume our corporate responsibilities in every aspect of our work.



Our greatest responsibility as a globally active financial services company is ensuring that we manage our company successfully, to the benefit of our clients, shareholders and employees as well as society as a whole.

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Corporate Responsibility Report

Our report offers an insight into how Credit Suisse assumes its various responsibilities as a bank, as an employer, as well as towards society and environment.

Our responsibility in banking − in numbers

transactions or client relationships were assessed for potential environmental and social risks
billion Swiss francs is the amount of assets invested according to sustainability criteria

Economy & Society

As a global bank, we see ourselves as an integral part of the economy and society. Through our role as a financial intermediary, we support entrepreneurship and economic growth, and we make an economic contribution as an employer, taxpayer and contractual partner. We also support various humanitarian and charitable organizations and projects as well as cultural and sporting events

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Our responsibility in the economy and society − in numbers

billion Swiss francs was Credit Suisse's volume of outstanding loans in Switzerland at end-2018
of our employees around the world volunteered their time to help charitable causes

Focus Themes


Corporate Responsibility Newsletter



Our long-term success depends on our ability to inspire trust and achieve client satisfaction. It is therefore essential for Credit Suisse to attract, develop and retain qualified, responsible and motivated employees who can help us achieve these goals. We offer interesting lines of work, progressive employment conditions and wide-ranging training and development opportunities.

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Employee Facts and Figures

graduates benefited from a structural educational program
classroom-delivered training days


We take environmental impacts into account when conducting our business by developing sustainable products and services and addressing sustainability issues when managing risks. The implementation of various operational measures enables us to improve our environmental performance.

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Our corporate responsibility − in numbers

employees worldwide had signed up to our regional Sustainability Networks as of end-2018
thousand hours of videoconferencing (desktop-based and in videoconferencing rooms) were used, helping to reduce our CO2 emissions

Corporate Responsibility – At a Glance

Slide Show Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility provides the foundation for all our activities. The slide show gives an overview of Credit Suisse’s responsibilities in banking, towards society, the environment, towards employees and a number of stakeholders.