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Create the future of technology. Today.

Wherever they are in the world, our Technology team is creating solutions that keep Credit Suisse running successfully. It's innovative work that keeps us forward-thinking and continually learning.

What we do

As a Technology area, we embrace digitalization, agility, innovation and excel at utilizing the best of emerging and established technologies to run, control, and transform the bank. We empower our business to deliver exemplary client value by creating differentiating digital solutions and brokering external services.

Our work is centered on six areas: Data Science and Analytics, Cyber Security, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Innovation and Automation, Cloud, FinTech.

Focusing on client value, we collaborate with business teams to implement their strategies whilst driving transformation. Our future-facing approach requires world-class organizational agility and effectiveness, a data-centric approach, best-practice information security and fit-for-future infrastructure. We inspire each other, encourage continuous learning, reward excellence and foster engineering expertise. And we navigate digital disruption, controlling operational risk while meeting financial and delivery targets.

Join our empowered engineering culture and feel inspired to use your creativity and share your passion. We'll support you every step of the way as you collaborate on solutions that make an impact around the world.

Meet one of us

Interview with Shilpa Redeej
Trade Management IT
Pune, India

Shilpa Redeej

What is your job at Credit Suisse?

Shilpa Redeej: I am Vice President in Trade Management IT. In my daily business I work with various IT and business stakeholders to deliver IT application projects and support for Trade Management business. I also currently lead and manage a team of 20 passionate software developers, as well as mentoring IT interns in various areas. As part of our inclusive ethos, I was a jury member on the Women's Excellence Award, and frequently contribute to major IT events.

What have you learned on your career journey?

Shilpa Redeej: Before starting my career with Credit Suisse in Singapore as a consultant, I worked in the IT service industry. Moving to Mumbai four years later, I led the execution of the Trade Management Workforce Strategy. I love embracing new responsibilities and challenges. Now Delivery Lead and based in Pune, I have learned that success means being focused and committed – and that investing in people, professional ethics and networking is crucial.

What do you love about your job?

Shilpa Redeej: I always enjoy trying and learning something new – be it technology or a personal or professional skill. My pioneering work implementing a Machine Learning algorithm was very rewarding. Using a Robotic Process Automation solution for a trade clearing process was also very gratifying.

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