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Seeking to generate returns. Sustainably.

We set out and deliver the bank's sustainable investment strategy. Together, we facilitate investable projects and initiatives that have a positive economic, social and environmental impact.

What we do

For many years Credit Suisse have been pioneers in sustainable and impact investment. And we want to do even better.

Our Sustainability teams bring together firm-wide expertise. We craft standards and new financial structures that we hope can turn more wealth into a force for good. We set the bank's sustainability ambition and public commitments, and are responsible for the core sustainability themes.

With a global reach, we create innovative industry-leading solutions that build environmental and sustainable responsibilities into a broad range of areas and practices. Together, we set an example for the financial services industry on the world's stage.

Sustainability is at the core of our content, advisory, investment and capital market solutions across wealth management, corporate and institutional clients. We deliver an integrated approach to sustainability for all of the bank's key stakeholders to support the execution of the Credit Suisse strategy. Always remaining committed to sustainable financing solutions, we support corporate transition strategies and restricting lending activity to certain industries.

Be part of our vision as leaders in sustainability. Build a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Meet one of us

Vivienne Yang
Sustainability Strategy, Advisory and Finance
London, England

Liz Richards

What is your role at Credit Suisse?

Vivienne Yang: I sit within Sustainability Strategy, Advisory and Finance (SSAF). We are a team dedicated to creating investable opportunities for our clients that target the world's most pressing social and environmental issues. At the same time, we are steering Credit Suisse's overall sustainability strategy. My role is broad – I get involved in everything from helping create products and formulating client facing marketing material, to connecting with partners. Sustainability is a hot topic. There is growing awareness around climate change, single use plastics and alternative proteins. It is exciting working in this fast-moving field and to be helping create a more sustainable future.

What initially drew you to a role in Sustainability?

Vivienne Yang: I've had two other roles at Credit Suisse, both within Investment Banking. Both roles helped me learn new skills and build my network internally. But I always wondered whether there was a job that would allow me to combine my personal passion for sustainability with all the great aspects of my other roles. I was hugely fortunate that the Impact Advisory and Finance Department (now SSAF) was being set up just as I was considering all this. I jumped at the chance to apply. Three years later, I've never looked back.

What do you love about your job?

Vivienne Yang: Taking a leap of faith into something totally different and new was undoubtedly the best career move I've made. I love that I get to utilize the skills I've built up and apply them to interesting projects I am truly passionate about. Every day is different and I enjoy the variety of projects I can get involved in. Our team is quite unique. We support all client segments of the bank, which gives me exposure across a spectrum of products. I have always been someone who likes to have a lot of fingers in a lot of pies, so the breadth of the role really suits me.

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