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Robust. Agile. Essential.

Our Finance team delivers independent financial controls and reporting. Informed, insightful and backed by sound policy and governance, we pour our expertise into safeguarding Credit Suisse's future.

What we do

Strength and success come from a firm grounding. You can work at the heart of a division that secures the bank's foundations and acts as our guardian. The Finance team completes and analyses balance sheets, evaluates and integrates products, validates portfolios and executes controls. In short, we ensure Credit Suisse is well capitalized and has a strong balance sheet.

Within this area there are key groups whose work is essential to the effective functioning of the bank. Our Group Finance division's capabilities include: financial accounting and reporting, management information, group and entity financial plan process, liquidity and capital reporting, group-wide financial resources allocation, ownership of control processes, and group governance of accounting.

Colleagues in Finance Change work to design and implement key business transformation projects that enable CFO Finance to deliver to their regulatory, audit, control and process improvement agenda. While the Treasury group oversee and safeguard the Credit Suisse financial franchise.

Join this talented team who plays a pivotal role in consolidating our work and maximizing future success.

Meet one of us

Interview with Debra Milne-James
Global Lead for the General Ledger Account Ownership program
Raleigh, USA

Liz Richards

What is your role?

Debra Milne-James: I work in the Group Finance Ops Risk Control Department and I am the Global Lead for the General Ledger Account Ownership program (GLAO). The GLAO program is one of the firm's key control programs with the purpose of gaining assurance over the accuracy of the firm's balance sheet. Outside of this role, I am also the Co-Sponsor for the Raleigh location Black Professional Network. I've always felt that people make an organization. At Credit Suisse there is a strong commitment to the community through a number of philanthropic programs.

What do you love most about your job?

Debra Milne-James: Interacting with staff in a range of departments and across different levels of responsibilities. My job enables me to listen to some of their challenges and concerns, and to escalate those issues to senior management in order to effect a solution. I would not be able to perform successfully without the collaboration with my peers across the organization.

What is it like working for Credit Suisse from home?

Debra Milne-James: As someone who loves the physical interaction with colleagues, I initially found it difficult working from home. But the technology within Credit Suisse has made it a relatively seamless process. I am looking forward to going back into the office and having coffee chats and meeting with my colleagues.

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