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Asset Management

Assets that grow. Talent that excels.

Our Asset Management teams turn laser-sharp analysis into effective investment strategies and solutions for growth. Through collaboration and connectivity, we deliver. Discover why you should join us.

What we do

At Credit Suisse our class-leading Asset Management colleagues match the needs of investors with the fast-paced opportunities of tomorrow's markets. We strive for growth and innovation. We are disciplined yet proactive. And we provide agile, tailored investment options that work for our wide range of clients, corporations and individuals.

Taking an entrepreneurial approach means we can source prime opportunities for specialized global assets. We incorporate a range of approaches and areas, including equity, fixed income, multi-asset, real estate, infrastructure and alternative asset classes.

Our vision is to be the first choice in Asset Management worldwide. To achieve this we are embracing new digital capabilities and technologies, increasing market visibility, continuously creating value, and keeping our social and environmental responsibilities at the heart of everything we do.

We are all about driving performance, product innovation, strengthening key strategic partnerships and working with new investment talents like you. Be part of it too. Join us.

Meet one of us

Interview with Philip Signer
Portfolio Manager
Zurich, Switzerland

Philip Signer

What is your role?

Philip Signer: I am Portfolio Manager in the Multi-Manager Real Estate practice, investing in private real estate investments globally. My role covers all stages of the investment process, from market screening, deal sourcing, commercial due diligence, and structuring to investment monitoring.

Thanks to this broad scope the position offers me an in-depth insight into global real estate markets, across all sectors and risk/return profiles and in close collaboration with partners around the world.

What do you love most about your job?

Philip Signer: This job enables me to interact with best-in-class real estate managers globally, and to benefit from the Credit Suisse global network and expertise, gaining deep insights into the global real estate markets.

It's exciting working for a fast-growing asset class that's in strong demand, and I enjoy the highly professional work environment. I have a great deal of independence and love having the opportunity to create something new or to work on the launch of new strategies and mandates.

Why did you decide a career at Credit Suisse was right for you?

Philip Signer: I initially started my career at Credit Suisse as an intern in 2012, and then in 2015 decided to join the Career Start program. This is an excellent opportunity for graduates to establish a network across the bank from day one, and to meet people from different backgrounds. The rotation system offered unique insights into other business areas and allowed me to find my current position in the bank.

Credit Suisse offers an excellent opportunity to grow. It's a steep learning curve and you get a high level of responsibility in a dynamic environment. There are plenty of opportunities for professionals who are eager to learn and to develop their skills. I appreciated the entrepreneurial work environment and the motivated and enthusiastic working culture.

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