Our People Meet Rohit

Meet Rohit

Title: Lead Analyst
Business Area: Chief Risk Office, Risk and Finance Data Analytics and Reporting
Location: Pune, India
Joined Credit Suisse in 2013

I had many friends who worked at Credit Suisse before I joined the company. I was impressed by how they grew professionally, built their skills and increased their knowledge. I went to Pune University and earned a Master's in Business Administration, with a specialty in finance. I knew that Credit Suisse offered lots of opportunities to help further my career, so I decided to apply and received an offer to join the firm as an Analyst right after I graduated.

I work as a Lead Analyst on the Credit Risk Data Management and Controls team. The team is responsible for helping analyze market risks, conducting gap analysis, performing testing and supporting the teams that work on reducing and analyzing the company's exposure. More broadly, we ensure that the data fed into the credit calculation system is accurate, so that the calculations are correct. Other teams – for example, our methodology and risk exposure analysis teams—then use the data to make trading, investment, allocation and other decisions.

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Continuous learning is important to me. Credit Suisse offers so many ways to keep learning and growing from regular training to on-the-job experience. In addition, I've worked with teams from around the world. Those interactions have helped me build my skills and enhance my knowledge of different aspects of the business.

Senior management is really interested in helping you define and shape your career. The company ensures that you make the most of your talent and potential by providing the right mix of challenges, training, mentoring and opportunities for new roles. I especially enjoyed a three-day training program that explained how all the teams across the company contribute to Credit Suisse's overall strategy. It helped me understand the significance of our work at every level and how we're all working toward common goals.

I start my day by assessing our daily objectives and creating reports, which identify data that doesn't meet our requirements. This helps us determine what steps we need to take next. We send daily notifications to our stakeholders, who then reach out to us with any concerns and help us prioritize our work. I also spend some time every evening documenting my team's daily activities so that we can identify what we've learned and find ways to improve our efficiency.

Outside of work, I volunteer at an orphanage for children with HIV. I try to visit them regularly. It's helped me look at life from a different perspective. I also enjoy reading, traveling and meeting new people, and learning about different cultures.