Our People Meet Ashwinkumar

Meet Ashwinkumar

Title: Vice President
Business Area: Global Markets Technology
Location: Pune, India
Joined Credit Suisse in 1998

I joined Credit Suisse in 1998 in New York City. I started as a developer on the trading floor within the Money Markets team. We went through a lot of big changes and interesting events, from the Euro conversion to preparing for Y2K. I was interfacing between the traders and developers, helping them use technology to solve problems, and I ultimately became more of a project manager.

I then took on a series of different roles within the company, including helping set up the Centers of Excellence in Raleigh and Singapore. I'm originally from India, and I moved back to Mumbai in 2011 to work with the new Global Arbitrage trading desk. 
Now I'm the India Head of Flow and Trade Management. We provide technology infrastructure and systems support for the company's trading operations. For example, there are many processes that need to happen for transactions to occur; from how a trade or check flows into the main office, to product controls, to settlement. I oversee a team of 275 — a mix of software developers, project managers, business analysts and anyone else involved in the software development life cycle.

The most rewarding part of my role is knowing that what we do clearly makes a difference: we help the company be more productive and better able to serve our clients.

Meet Ashwinkumar – coach, catalyst, book lover, problem solver, guitarist, high performer, father, collaborator

I prefer to connect with my team on an individual basis. I want the people I work with to see the value of their work and how it supports the bank. Also, I want my junior employees to understand that they can have a long and fruitful career at the company, so we talk a lot about what their future could look like, and the type of skills that they need to develop to help them achieve their goals. I manage more like a career coach, versus telling people what they should do.

Our culture is extremely collaborative. My team has direct access to me. Most of the managers here are very willing to listen to their employees. I tell new hires to simply talk to their managers more, tell them about their aspirations and what they want to do. That way we can help guide them.

I split my day into three parts. In the morning, I meet one-on-one with my seven team leads to catch up on what's happening. I have informal conversations with additional team members during lunch, and then I spend time responding to emails. The afternoon is devoted to calls and meetings with stakeholders in New York and London. I also use the end of the day to work on Pune-specific initiatives.

At this stage of life, I devote most of my free time to my children, doing what they want to do. My family are in Mumbai, so on weekends I go there to spend time with them. I also like to read a lot. I usually have two books going at once. I also play guitar.