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Credit Suisse Perspectives

Whether you're just starting out, looking for a new opportunity or keen to take your career to the next level, discover what makes Credit Suisse a great place to work.


Dive into DevWeek and discover new tech horizons

It began as one training session. Now it's an annual 5-day virtual symposium for colleagues to learn – and teach – about tech processes across the Bank. Discover what goes on at DevWeek!

How She Got There: Women in AI

At Credit Suisse we look to take advantage of technological changes. Find out how your creativity helps us grow and the exciting opportunities offered by empowered engineering. 

Building a better world – I’m on it. Meet Jessica Monteiro

Up next in our sustainability ambassador series showcasing employees engaged in environmental and social initiatives, we meet a colleague who is looking to change the game.

One woman helping to change the game in Colombia

Some choices change our own life, and some can even change the lives of others. Through the Global Citizens Program, we provide an opportunity for Credit Suisse employees to make a difference.

Thinking beyond boundaries: A Technology Career takes off!

As a girl she dreamed of other galaxies. As a woman she fused family life with a high-flying career. Discover the inspiring story of a colleague who stayed true to herself and found joy in new places.
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