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Learn more about what it's like to work at Credit Suisse and read about how you can get the most out of your career, whether you're just starting out, changing jobs or looking to take your career to the next level.

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  1. Hackathon Anyone?

    The starting signal of HackZurich will soon be given. Some 550 developers will be able to work on different business cases, including one from Credit Suisse. To stimulate its own employees to come up with new ideas, Credit Suisse holds internal hackathons.

  2. The Future of Technology as Seen by Credit Suisse

    The Future of Technology
    as Seen by Credit Suisse

    Every year, the outgoing Credit Suisse technical analysts (TAs) are given a team challenge as their final project. Usually this involves solving a technical problem or building an app or program. This year, the TAs were tasked with something a bit different: they were asked to put together an event showcasing the future of technology at Credit Suisse. To meet this challenge, the TAs in London, New York, and Raleigh developed IT Expos.

  3. Creating a Global Community: Social Media at Work

    Creating a Global Community:
    Social Media at Work

    Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram. Most of us have accounts there. Do employers approve of using these at work? Credit Suisse actually offers its own social platform where employees can exchange ideas, form communities, and manage initiatives.

  4. Achieving Real Returns™ with Credit Suisse

    Achieving Real Returns™ with Credit Suisse

    Experienced professionals can find the process of returning to the workforce after an extended career break to be quite tough. You may feel like all you need is the chance to update your industry knowledge and showcase your skills to the right employer. Enter Credit Suisse's Real Returns™ program.

  5. Top Workplace: Credit Suisse Awarded the Friendly Workspace Label

    Top Workplace: Credit Suisse Awarded the Friendly Workspace Label

    Credit Suisse officially became a "Friendly Workspace" last fall. Health Promotion Switzerland (Gesundheitsförderung Schweiz) has awarded the bank this globally unique quality label for its workplace health management.

  6. Job-Sharing: A Win-Win for Employees and Employers

    Job-Sharing: A Win-Win for Employees and Employers

    Employers and employees are increasingly aware of the need to strike the right balance between work and personal life. Work-life balance, as it is known, has inspired employers to develop new work models. One such model is job-sharing.

  7. Boost Your Career through Internal Mobility

    Today, regular job changes are often a must to gain useful experience. There is, however, no need to jump ship. Four Credit Suisse employees explain how they made their career move within the bank.

  8. Real Returns™: How an Innovative Program Helps Reboot Careers

    In 2008, Adrianne D. left a career in investment banking to take a different path. An officer in the U.S. Army Reserve, she helped the U.S. State Department create an enterprise management platform, consulted with the U.S. Department of Defense, and worked as an advisor to technology startups. 

  9. An Entrepreneurial Mindset: How Empowering Employees Helps Fuel Innovation

    In 2011, four Credit Suisse employees working in three different areas of the bank got chatting about what companies do to promote equality for the LGBT community. The conversation led them to an idea: Create an index comprising companies that are leaders in LGBT policies and practices. 

  10. Credit Suisse: A Global Work Environment That Spurs Creativity and Opportunity

    At Credit Suisse being global refers to more than the geography of the company’s offices. It’s a distinct mindset that truly values the multicultural diversity of the company’s 41,000 employees and bevy of international clients.