Technology Buzz Launch of 2020 Online CodeIT Suisse (Part of Credit Suisse Coding Challenge)

Launch of 2020 Online CodeIT Suisse (Part of Credit Suisse Coding Challenge)

Credit Suisse is launching the signature campus recruitment event 2020 CodeIT Suisse for Hong Kong SAR and Singapore university students who are passionate about technology.

Launch of 2018 CodeIT Suisse (Part of Credit Suisse Coding Challenge)

CODE TO WIN prizes worth a total of HKD 33,500 (for Hong Kong participants) or SGD 6,000 (for Singapore participants)!
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Registration Method:

  • Each participant is required to submit a solution to the Sums Problem below. Each team member must submit an application.

    Sums Problem
    Given an array of integers, return the smallest set of indices of numbers such that they add up to a target number. You may not use the same element twice.

    [1,2,6,3,17,82,23,234] -> 26
    Solution [3,6]

    [1,2,6,3,17,82,23,234] -> 40
    Solution [4,6]

    [1,2,6,3,17,82,23,234] -> 23
    Solution [6]

    This is not your standard coding kata. You are expected to:
    ▪ Complete the task in a single class/function
    ▪ Solve from first principles
    ▪ It needs to be human legible i.e. this is not a challenge to solve in the least amount of code/characters possible
    ▪ Write down all assumptions and limits that you have made (they have not been provided for a reason)
    ▪ Note down the methodology(ies) used to solve the problem
    ▪ You can submit more than 1 solution – one naïve and one more elaborate as a possibility
    ▪ You can use Java, Kotlin, C#, Javascript, Ruby, Python, C/C++, Clojure


Winning teams / individuals will be awarded with prizes that are worth of the below values.


Hong Kong


  Team Individual Team
Champion HKD 12,500 HKD 4,000 SGD 2,200 SGD 700
First Runner Up HKD 7,800 HKD 2,500 SGD 1,400 SGD 450
Second Runner Up HKD 5,100 HKD 1,600 SGD 950 SGD 300

This event is open to full-time undergraduate and Master's students from the universities in Hong Kong and Singapore graduating in 2021, 2022, 2023 or 2024.

For further enquiries, please contact our Campus Recruitment Team.