Technology Buzz Launch of 2017 CodeIT Suisse

Launch of 2017 CodeIT Suisse

Credit Suisse is launching the signature campus recruiting event 2017 CodeIT Suisse for Hong Kong and Singapore university students who are passionate about technology.

CODE TO WIN prizes worth a total of HKD 27,000 (for Hong Kong participants) or SGD 5,000 (for Singapore participants)!


Coding Challenge:

  • 2017 CodeIT Suisse will take place from the evening of September 22 to the evening of September 24.
  • You may apply on an individual basis or form a team of 2-3 eligible members. For those applying on an individual basis, Credit Suisse will assign you to a team of 2-3 eligible members.
  • Each participant is required to solve the entry challenge to receive the registration link for CodeIT Suisse event.


Prizes worth the following amounts will be awarded to the top four teams.


Hong Kong


Champion Team HKD 12,000 SGD 2,000
First Runner Up Team HKD 8,000 SGD 1,500
Second Runner Up Team HKD 5,000 SGD 1,000
Third Runner Up Team HKD 2,000 SGD 500


This event is open to full-time undergraduate and Master’s students from the universities in Hong Kong and Singapore graduating in 2019 or 2020.

Registration deadline: Sunday, September 17, 2017.

For further enquiries, please contact our Campus Recruiting Team.