Technology Careers Campus Recruiting: Technical Analyst and Career Starter Programs

Campus Recruiting: Technical Analyst and Career Starter Programs

You are fascinated by the technologies that make the world move. We'll give you the chance to work with those technologies and make an impact, from application development and business engineering to systems architecture.

Campus Recruiting: Technical Analyst and Career Starter Programs

We invest in our new hires, to help them start strong and make big contributions throughout their careers. This is your opportunity to gain deeper knowledge and understanding of the financial services industry – not only from a technology perspective. We will give you the training you need to have a deep understanding of the firm’s products and our client needs.

Innovate with us: Life in our Technology (IT) division.

Banking today is a technology business, where digital ingenuity creates competitive advantage. Credit Suisse delivers world-class technology innovation that enables our clients to reach their goals. Experience Credit Suisse’s Technology (IT) division.

Our Technical Analyst program is offered in all regions. Please note that in Switzerland the program is called Career Start. Our Technical Analyst program offers:

  • A two-year rotational training program which teaches you the foundations, how to navigate Credit Suisse, division specific, risk awareness, banking expertise and developing your skills as a graduate
  • A comprehensive onboarding program to acclimate to Credit Suisse’s corporate culture
  • An overview of the financial services industry and technology’s vital role
  • Formal technical skills training courses and mentoring from Credit Suisse professionals

Technology analyst finds a banking career is about more than business

Solving real business problems, volunteering at a hospital, attending IT expos and taking courses in the Credit Suisse Talent Development program — all in a day's work for an analyst in Singapore

No matter where you join us, you’ll be part of a technology team that gives Credit Suisse a competitive advantage.

Foundation Roles: The Basis for Excellent Technical Experience

First-Year Analysts and Careers Starters begin their career in one of four foundational roles in order to develop the nessesary strong technical base to support a successful long term career.

  • Application Architecture and Development
  • Business Analysis and Engineering
  • Technology Operations
  • User Production Support

After your first placement, you will then have a chance to transition to another area within technology to learn new skills, expand your network and gain a greater depth of knowledge about the firm before being placed in your full-time role at the end of the program.  And throughout your time with us, we will continue to invest in your ongoing learning and development, and offer you networking opportunities to help you progress your career.

What We Look For

We look for long-term potential. For fresh perspectives. For a wide range of experiences, interests, and degrees. For enthusiastic, entrepreneurial people who wish to work on a global scale. We look for future leaders of our organization. We want you to learn about everything the bank does, and give you the chance to find what suits you best.

But it takes more than just technical skills to get the job done. We look for technology people who have the potential to become:

  • Leaders who inspire loyalty, assume responsibility and mobilize others
  • Critical thinkers with excellent problem-solving skills
  • Self-starters who achieve significant results starting on day one
  • Supportive and adaptable team members who can build strong relationships
  • Articulate communicators who also recognize the importance of listening
  • Principled professionals who are committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior