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Centers of Excellence

Credit Suisse has four Centers of Excellence (CoEs) around the globe, which have become important sources of top talent. Will you soon be among them?

The CoE Initiative, which started in 2006, is Credit Suisse's global offshoring approach to leverage our talent around the world and maximize the efficient use of the bank's resources.

Today we have CoEs in Pune and Mumbai (India), Raleigh (USA) and Wroclaw (Poland). Together, they support our operations in more than 50 countries. The CoEs play a critical role in improving our operational effectiveness, reducing our cost base, and ensuring a high quality of products and services for our external clients.

As the CoEs continue to take on new services and roles and broaden their advisory capabilities, their strategic importance within the bank will increase.

Top Opportunities, Top Talent

The CoEs' growth and increased specialism have created additional opportunities for CoE employees to experience new roles and learn about other businesses.

By working in a CoE, you will have the chance to support and advise colleagues from all over the world.

Experienced professionals can look forward to an exciting career path in a young, international and dynamic environment.

As a key part of Credit Suisse, you also have full access to all training programs, from industrial to technical training and language courses, and you will be encouraged to use them.

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