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Credit Suisse House View

Introducing the Credit Suisse House View

The Credit Suisse House View builds on the bank’s comprehensive research capabilities to provide clear and actionable long-term forecasts. As of June 1, 2018, covering more than 90 asset classes, 2000 single stocks and 1800 bonds, the House View forms the basis of structured and proven investment strategies that help you capture compelling opportunities and avoid pitfalls. What’s more, it incorporates the views and forecasts of our leading strategists from both wealth management and investment banking. This pioneering set-up helps us to provide you with a single, consistent and fully aligned House View across the bank, globally.

Benefit from expert knowhow

The Credit Suisse House View is shaped by our Investment Committee, a group of senior investment professionals, including members from the sell side. They bring to the table various areas of expertise and a proven investment track record of more than 175 years cumulatively. The Investment Committee meets twice a month to discuss the latest views and market developments and decide on potential changes to the House View. This robust process ensures that the House View always takes into account the very latest market environment.

Take advantage of our systematic approach

The House View helps you navigate the financial markets and identify not just good opportunities but also attractive solutions and products for short and longer-term investments. As a client, you benefit from our systematic and disciplined approach to investing, anchored by the Credit Suisse House View. Its strong performance even in phases of increased volatility demonstrates the relevance of the Credit Suisse House View in creating value for clients.

Access the Credit Suisse House View

There are numerous sources you can tap to learn more about our House View. They include the bi-monthly IC (Investment Committee) Report, the Investment Monthly and the House View presentation. These documents are updated regularly to reflect our latest opinions and decisions.

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