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PLUS has undergone a major platform change with a new login page.
If you left PLUS open in your prior session you may see either a blank page, or a re-direction link.


  • Click on the re-direction link
  • Close and re-open your browser and login again
  • Clear your cache and cookies            

You are required to re-accept the Terms and Conditions due to the degree of functional change on the site:

Terms and Conditions


The menus have been simplified and are now better formatted for mobile use.
Left mouse click on the menus to open the page/ list.

The layout of the menus have been redesigned to house all PLUS content, click on the high level menu to find the corresponding items. See following items for details.


You can set your preferred landing page:
Click on name > Preferences > Use Current Page to set new default page

Credit Suisse PLUS Preferences

The new simpler design makes the Fixed Income research offering easier to digest.

On the Fixed Income overview page you will see the research publications broken out by Featured and Most Popular, as well as short cuts to Locus and your Email subscriptions.

Second level menus take you to product pages and the new Search box provides advanced search capabilities where you can look for other publications, pages, analysts etc.

The Fixed Income overview page

Product pages are now available within the Fixed Income page.
Click on Fixed Income and you will see the products as second level menus.

The new layout makes it easier to view full Execution offerings giving you direct access to PrimeTrade and the product execution tools.

Disclosures are now located under the Legal menu.

The page is now located under Legal menu, and under Fixed Income > Credit.


The new location of the search box is in line with new page layout and can be found on the left hand side of the page.


  • Start typing for auto suggestions
  • Hit enter to search on key words
  • Use 'Expand Search' for more results
The search box

New search capabilities make it easier to refine your search results and focus on specific topics and authors.


Use the filters to narrow down your search results.

Missing pages

Macro publications are now included within Econ/ Strategy.

Research publications are now shown on right hand side of the individual product pages under the heading Publications.

The Research Library

Now accessible from Fixed Income > Locus Analytics

LOCUS Analytics


Due to the new platform setup any pre-existing bookmarks will no longer work, you will need to re-create your bookmarks.

Underlying PLUS page names have changed so any pre-existing favorites have been reset.


Set up new favorite pages using Tools > Add to Favorite Pages.

Add to favorite pages

Underlying PLUS page names have changed so any pre-existing default pages have been reset.


Click on your name > Preferences > Use Current Page to set new landing page:

Credit Suisse PLUS Preferences