Equities Prime Services

Prime Services

Credit Suisse Prime Services provides outstanding financing, custody, clearing and advisory services to hedge funds and institutional clients. We partner with the most established fund managers, fast-growing funds, and select start ups, blending traditional prime brokerage services with innovative financing solutions and comprehensive Capital and Consulting advisory services, to help funds build durable organizations across their lifecycle.

Prime Brokerage

Credit Suisse's top tier Prime Brokerage offering provides financing, custody and clearing services across a globally integrated platform. Our deep client relationships and years of experience ensure clients receive industry leading, 24/7 service, as well as access to corporate action services and our flexible and real-time technology offering.

Prime Financing

With an industry leading platform, Credit Suisse provides market access, execution, and reporting. We offer deep expertise across a breadth of products, including: swaps over futures, ETFs, customizable synthetic products, and structured solutions, as well as a market-leading execution via an electronic offering with access to 60+ derivative markets via DMA into swap and a top tier electronic ETF platform.

Securities Lending

Credit Suisse's top tier global Securities Lending platform provides deep access to securities across more than 70 markets globally to source an extensive and stable supply of securities. As a top borrower with extensive experience, our counterparty relationships extend across more than 200 lenders globally, providing top tier access to security allocations, access to hard-to-borrow equities, and stability for our clients.

Prime Derivative Services

Credit Suisse's Prime Derivative Services is an established provider of global execution and clearing. We deliver a best in class, full service platform for exchange traded derivatives and OTC cleared products, with access to major CCPs globally, 24 hour dedicated electronic trading coverage and consolidated reporting and an Agency Execution Desk that delivers trade generation, block trades and mid-market pricing.

Capital Services

Credit Suisse's Capital Services team of experts assists in building a diversified, stable capital base. Our highly experienced team has a long track record of helping prepare for pitches, targeting key global investors, managing the diligence process and evaluating the conversion and retention rates.


Credit Suisse's Prime Consulting team leverages a wealth of institutional knowledge to help established and start-up managers across the hedge fund lifecycle from prelaunch and early growth through maturity. We conduct deep-dive engagements on strategic issues for complex organizations, and deliver industry leading benchmarking studies on a range of issues to help guide decision making.

Risk Advisory

Credit Suisse's Risk Advisory offering provides clients with portfolio and risk consulting services guided by relevant market, industry and regulatory trends. We deliver data and analysis across sectors, positioning and exposures.