FAQ SecureSign



Credit Suisse places great importance on security in Online Banking. Guaranteeing a high standard of security constantly requires us to implement the latest security technology. 

The Online Banking login procedure will change.

Log in to Online Banking. In the "Client Center," you will find the option for enrolling in SecureSign under "My Profile."

Telephone Registration

Please contact your Relationship Manager to enroll in SecureSign over the phone. 

Once you have registered, you will receive an activation letter in the next few days by mail. It will contain your personal activation image for completing your registration. Please note that once you have registered for SecureSign you have a 30-day grace period until you can no longer use your former SecurID security procedure.

Yes, use of the SecureSign authentication process, including the SecureSign app, is free of charge. 

  • Total security – state-of-the-art encryption technology makes banking as secure as possible
  • Offline usability – available anytime, anywhere – even without an internet or phone connection
  • Multi-device capability – access the app on up to eight different devices with one user ID
  • Simplicity – log in quickly and conveniently

In order to use more than one device for login with your user ID, you can add more devices after logging into your profile under "SecureSign." After adding a device and perform a new login, you can set it up. For this, you need your personal activation letter. 

In order to use another user ID on a device, you must request SecureSign for the other user ID.

To add the user ID to your device, please follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings for the SecureSign app (gear wheel at the top right) and click at the bottom on "Add app account."
  • Start Online Banking and enter the other user ID and your password.
  • Perform the set-up as usual. 

One device can be used to log in with up to eight different user IDs. 

If you use your SecurID as authentication procedure for other programs e.g. SecureMail, you will continue to require this token.

Credit Suisse cares about our environment. Since the SecurID contains a battery, it does not belong in your household garbage.
If you only used to access online banking with your SecurID: As soon as you have successfully set up SecureSign, take the SecurID to an electronics recycling center, just like you do with other defective devices or ones you no longer need such as TVs or kitchen appliances. 

System requirements

To use SecureSign, you need a smartphone or tablet (e.g. iPad) with a camera and current operating system. 

We currently support smartphones and tablets using the Android or iOS operating systems in the versions below:

Operating System
Android 4.1.2. and higher
iOS 7 and higher

Examples: Samsung, LG, Google Nexus
Examples: Apple iPhone 4 and later

Currently, SecureSign requires a smartphone or tablet, either made by Apple (iOS operating system, version 7 or higher) or a maker of Android devices (Android operating system, version 4 and higher).

We do not currently offer SecureSign for the Windows Phone operating system.

We advise against the use with such devices, as "jailbreaking" and "rooting" lower the security of your phone.

The SecureSign app is available around the world from Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store.

Internet access is required only for the initial download of the SecureSign app. Afterwards, the method operates without a telephone or internet connection, so it can be used abroad or in locations with weak mobile phone coverage. Please note that you still need an internet connection for Online Banking itself.

Transaction signing refers to the confirmation of certain transactions through the additional entry of a code. Transaction confirmation is used when changing passwords, adding a new device, or entering payments. When you submit a payment order that our system classifies as unusual, you are requested to scan a SecureSign image. The details of the payment are then displayed in the SecureSign app for you to review. If you want to approve the payment, you must enter the displayed code.

To determine the device ID of a device, go to the SecureSign app settings (gear wheel at the top right). In the Settings, the device IDs are shown in a list.

You will find more information on the "Manage your SecureSign" page in your Online Banking. You can find the page in the Client Center under "My Profile" - "SecureSign." The activation date and the device type are used for identification. 

Currently, you can continue to use offline payment software with your existing security process even after switching to SecureSign. The availability of SecureSign for the offline payment software depends on the software manufacturer. Please contact the manufacturer if you have any questions related to the introduction of SecureSign in the software.

Activation letter

Your personal activation image never expires, thus enabling you to activate additional devices for use with the SecureSign method at a later date if needed.

Note: Keep your activation letter in a safe place and make sure that no one can access your personal activation image. 

If you lose your activation letter, call our Hotline +352 46 00 11 900 to request a new one.

Smooth out the letter, and try to scan it again with the SecureSign app under good lighting conditions. If repeated attempts continue to fail, please contact our Hotline +352 46 00 11 900. You may need to request a new activation letter.

The activation graphic will be sent physically by mail for security reasons.

Questions about Possible Problems

The multi-colored image displayed in Online Banking is valid for one minute.

To receive a new SecureSign image in Online Banking, you need to go to the Online Banking homepage and re-enter your user ID and password.

iOS and Android security settings prevent restoration of the previously activated SecureSign app. The device must be reactivated after restoration. You can add a new or additional device yourself in Online Banking. To do so, you need a device that has already been registered. If you no longer have such a device, please contact your Relationship Manager. You will then be able to activate SecureSign for the new/additional device in the usual way. For this, you need the activation letter with your personal activation graphic. 

After resetting your smartphone or tablet, you will need to reactivate the app using your personal activation image. 

When you make payments to recipients we know, such as your insurance company, we generally do not ask you to confirm them. 

Please download the SecureSign app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store again. Then please contact our Hotline +352 46 00 11 900 for assistance. 

In order to be able to use the SecureSign app, the camera authorizations for it must be activated. After selecting the SecureSign app, the authorizations can be issued in the iPhone/iPad settings under "Camera."

If you have lost your smartphone or tablet, you should deselect it for Online Banking. If you have another device set up, you can do this under "SecureSign" in your profile. If you do not have another device set up to log in with, please contact your Relationship Manager.