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Credit Suisse is the ideal provider of private banking solutions in Luxembourg.

We Support Your Investment Objectives

Our dedicated client teams are there to deal with your specific situation using their specialist knowledge and experience in different areas. They have what it takes to put together creative, quick, tax-efficient solutions designed to meet your needs.


Investment Instruments

  • Brokerage and securities trading
  • Traditional investment products (equities, bonds)
  • Investment funds
  • Structured products
  • Derivatives
  • Foreign exchange and money market transactions
  • Non-traditional investments


  • Lombard loans
  • Guarantees
  • Special financing


  • Planning and support for setting up a branch
  • Long-term tax planning and optimization
  • Completion of tax forms with statements of securities according to Luxembourg tax law


Advice on matrimonial property and inheritance laws

International Wealth Planning

  • Estate planning for international private clients
  • Establishment and management of trusts and foundations
  • Establishment of management companies and holding structures
  • Inheritance planning

Special Services

  • Preparation of special investment strategies
  • Independent Asset Managers Desk
  • Custodian services
  • Advice and support with regard to the sale or stock market listing of private equity companies

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Address: 5, rue Jean Monnet
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