Manage your wealth Wealth management solutions

Wealth management solutions

You decide how you want to manage your investments and how involved you want to be. We provide the expertise. 

Our innovative, tailor-made investment solutions let you decide on the scope and frequency of advice, portfolio monitoring, research insights and investment ideas you receive.

  • Discretionary management mandate
  • Advisory mandate
  • Direct Access Client (DAC) services

We offer mortgages for residential property and can increase your investment options with our Lombard lending service.

Real estate financing for private banking clients

We can offer mortgages over EUR 10 million to private clients or special purpose vehicles (SPVs) on eligible residential properties located in prime central Paris and other select areas of France.

Borrow against your securities

You can use your investment portfolio to raise funds. This type of financing, where we lend against marketable and liquid securities such as equities and bonds, is known as Lombard lending. Please note that such collateralized loans involve specific risks.

You’ve come a long way to get to where you are today. We can help you enjoy the rewards.

Planning for the Future

Retirement and inheritance planning – priorities for you and your family which we can help you address. With a wealth planning strategy in place to protect what you’ve worked hard for and see it passed on safely down the line, you can enjoy today all the more. 

We can provide advice on:

  • Estate planning
  • Tax-efficient investment
  • Pension planning, including Self Invested Personal Pensions
  • Inheritance planning

Working with your other advisors

We don’t give tax advice, but we will work with your tax and legal advisors to make sure your wealth planning takes everything into account.

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