Look after your family wealth Here today, for the Next Generation

Here today, for the Next Generation

The coming decade is set to bring fundamental changes: Shifting demographics and the tech revolution are soon generating an enormous changeover from one generation to another. In the process, social and economic elements are increasingly influencing the priorities and transforming the meaning of wealth for upcoming successors: the Next Generation.

Global Next Generation and Families Department

Credit Suisse focuses on building relationships not only with the current generation that manages and builds wealth, but also with their children from the younger generation. Since 2018, a dedicated global department at Credit Suisse has been catering to the needs of the next generation and their families. The Global Next Generation and Families Department provides insights and reports to better understand family business needs, offers a portfolio of education programs and builds new solutions and platforms with the next generation and their families.

The Young Investor Organization (YIO)

The YIO is committed to supporting the Next Generation as they find themselves at important crossroads in their lives. Founded in 2007, the YIO is now a global network of future leaders with over 1,500 members from more than 55 countries. Over the years, the YIO has developed a wide range of activities and established different programs with partners like Credit Suisse (founding partner), the Milken Institute and others. As the main sponsor of the YIO, Credit Suisse has helped build a vital ecosystem for the Next Generation. Its goal is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge across and within generations, and learn more about the needs and priorities of the Next Generation, so that it can be a trusted and competent partner to them. Credit Suisse's goal is to give YIO members the space to engage with each other and flourish, while stepping back to listen and learn how it can best support the Next Generation in their journey through life.

The Global Next Generation Report

As the Next Generation faces the growing responsibility of inheriting their families' business, wealth or legacies, the report "Creating a world with the Next Generation", a collaboration between Credit Suisse and the Young Investors Organization (YIO), provides a unique look into the expectations, needs and ambitions.
The survey results and family interviews provide unprecedented quantified data on the importance of starting these individual family conversations now.

The next Generation

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