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  1. Global wealth continues to rise as the US & China pull away from the pack

    Credit Suisse Research Institute publishes ninth edition of the Global Wealth Report

  2. Maximum Pillar 3a amount in 2019

    Maximum Pillar 3a amount in 2019

    It is worthwhile to pay into Pillar 3a in order to save on taxes and prepare for old age. The maximum amount will increase in 2019 compared to previous years.

  3. The pension fund

    What is a pension fund? Find the definition in the following section.

  4. Saving with Pillar 3a

    What is saving with Pillar 3a? Read the explanation in the following section.

  5. revenue-growth-in-the-consumer-goods-sector-in-emerging-markets

    Consumption in emerging markets offers opportunities despite turmoil.

    Short-term headwinds have overshadowed revenue growth in the consumer goods sector in emerging markets, but they have not altered it. The Credit Suisse "Angry societies – Multipolar world" Supertrend identifies opportunities presented by social change.

  6. Commodities Rose on Tightening Global Crude Oil Supplies

    Commodities rose in September amid Venezuelan crude oil production shortfalls and reduced Iran exports due to upcoming US sanctions, while the demand for crude oil and petroleum products remained strong.

  7. Tiny house: A tiny house is more than a small house

    Tiny houses are big: The "tiny house" way to live

    On how few square meters could you live? Six, twenty, forty-five? That last number is the per capita average in Switzerland. Tiny houses show that something beautiful can emerge even in a small space. Tiny houses have potential in Switzerland as "single houses."

  8. snb-interest-rate-hike-not-expected-until-q3-2019

    SNB interest rate hike. Not quite yet.

    The Swiss economy is undergoing dynamic growth, as evidenced by the increase in the real GDP. The Swiss National Bank (SNB) is remaining cautious, however. When can the first interest rate hike by SNB be anticipated?

  9. Credit Suisse Now Available on Apple Business Chat

    Credit Suisse today announced it is making Apple Business Chat available to private banking clients with accounts in Singapore and Hong Kong who are Digital Private Banking users, introducing a new way for them to communicate directly with the bank using the Messages app on iPhone and iPad.

  10. investing-in-october-us-financial-markets-performing-well

    Investing in October: Our forecast in brief 

    Credit Suisse's perspective on economic and financial market trends over the short to medium term and their implications for investors. The US financial markets are performing well this year. In contrast, defensive markets such as Switzerland ensure risk diversification.