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  1. Switzerland and Credit Suisse 2022 – Key facts and figures

    Credit Suisse has had close links to Switzerland ever since it was founded and plays an active role within the economy and society at various levels. This is reflected in the latest edition of our brochure "Switzerland and Credit Suisse", which is available online from today and can also be found in our branches.

  2. Credit Suisse Announces Coupon Amount on its Credit Suisse S&P MLP Index ETN (ticker symbol "MLPO").

    On April 1, 2022, Credit Suisse declared a Coupon Amount for the Credit Suisse S&P MLP Index ETN (the "ETN").

  3. Credit Suisse Announces Coupon Payments and Expected Coupon Payments on Credit Suisse X-Links® Exchange Traded Notes (the "ETNs")

    On April 1, 2022, Credit Suisse announced expected coupon payments for the following ETNs:

  4. How Will Brazil's Changes in Energy Regulations Affect Costs?

    Electricity customers in Brazil have different tariff schemes depending on their voltage level connection to the grid. They pay for both grid costs and energy costs.

  5. Evolving ESG perspective on the energy sector

    The energy sector is under tremendous pressure to transform its business model for a net-zero economy. Sustainability-minded stakeholders call for the industry to shift from traditional oil & gas assets into zero-carbon alternatives and achieve net-zero Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions over a timeline aligned with global climate ambitions.

  6. Power Shifts in China's Technology Manufacturing

    In 2021, PCB margins were suppressed by the rising prices of CCL. But even if the CCL price is trending down in 2022, will PCB profitability improve? Automotive, substrate, high-density interconnect (HDI) and flexible printed circuit (FPC) could be important growth drivers.

  7. China's 'little giants' - a growing force in China's technology self-reliance and supply chain security

    China is making efforts to nurture homegrown innovative SMEs that own specialty technologies and have leading positions in niche markets, in order to strengthen technology innovation and supply chain resilience. It has been fostering specialized, fine, peculiar and innovative SMEs (SFPI SMEs) and uses the term “little giants” to label outstanding companies from the pool.

  8. Is a Correction on the Horizon for Chinese Semiconductors?

    Restocking demand for semiconductor logic is lessening substantially. While production of 300mm and 200mm wafers is still running at full capacity, it seems to have eased somewhat. Foundries have begun to change their outlook for prices, which were all bullish last year.

  9. 5G Driving Growth Despite Inflation, Covid and Wars

    2021 closed out slightly light of our last update owing to ongoing supply constraints and slow China demand, with shipments growing 10% QoQ to 368mn and reaching 1.42bn, +4% YoY.  5G stayed on track and reached 560mn units above most market expectations 500-550mn and our prior 545mn.

  10. European Steel - Is the Market Right About Earnings?

    For three reasons, the old idiom that ‘lower steel prices lead to lower equity prices’ may not hold true in 2022. First, solid fundamentals in steel (limited risk of de-stocking, China production growth, improving auto demand). Second, the market is discounting an unreasonably large drop in sector profitability in 2022. Finally, for the first time since 2007/08, the sector might become a capital-return story again.