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  1. Energy infrastructure

    Strong fundamentals for European utilities offset by political risk and rising rates

    The recent evolution of commodity and power prices could help generators and integrated utilities reverse the trend in 2022. However, the upside risk on earnings could be taken away by government intervention to mitigate the impact on consumer bills. Further, rising interest rates remain a possible headwind for the sector and regulated names in particular.

  2. Chocolates

    The best and worst of times for packaged foods?

    The U.S. packaged foods and beverages industry tends to grow at an above-average pace during inflationary periods because consumers recognize that they need to spend more at the grocery store to feed themselves and their families. However, elasticity can get severe if consumers feel the pinch of challenging economic conditions. Consumers can reduce their spending by trading down to private label, cutting back on impulse purchases, eating more leftovers, and reducing waste.

  3. Container ship in a port

    Can exports again help India’s growth acceleration?

    India's manufacturing share of GDP has been declining steadily since 2012, partly due to a stagnation in exports of manufactured goods. As exports pick up again, due to the impact of Production-Linked Incentive (PLI) schemes, the shift of manufacturing out of China, some sectors like Chemicals coming of age, and emerging opportunities from the multiple disruptions in the global automotive landscape, they are likely to boost GDP as well as employment. We estimate growth in exports can boost GDP by 2.4% over 5 years.

  4. Credit Suisse Earns Recognition for Diversity and Inclusion from Human Rights Campaign Foundation and Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index

    Credit Suisse today announced that it has been recognized for its deep commitment to diversity and inclusion by both the Human Rights Campaign Foundation and by the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index.

  5. Recovery boom in exports persists

    Credit Suisse and Switzerland Global Enterprise publish study on SME export outlook for first half of 2022

  6. Electric car charger station

    EPA finalizes vehicle emissions standards

    We have delved into the importance of regulations on accelerating electric vehicle (EV) adoption in the US. The stricter standards reinforce our view that automakers’ EV initiatives will now be required in the coming years to comply with regulations. We estimate the new rules require close to 20% EV penetration to meet EPA compliance by 2026.

  7. Credit Suisse Group Trading Update

    Ad hoc announcement pursuant to article 53 LR

  8. Man in a train looking at his smartphone

    More Tower Deals on Tap for US Tower Companies?

    Most deals will keep tower sites in European hands, but we believe US TowerCos could expand further in Europe, supported by their M&A and financing capabilities.

  9. Internet connectors and cables

    ESG Telco shake series – EU Telcos' energy exposure

    Energy cost and efficiency have become a growing area of focus following the recent spike in energy costs. We estimate energy costs are around 2% of opex for telcos. In the short term, we see little impact on opex for most telcos given widespread hedging of costs. But if prices remain high, it could ultimately take 10% off sector Free Cash Flow (FCF).

  10. Sustainable fashion: Your personal consumer footprint

    Global in nature, the fashion industry has high levels of carbon emissions, water and pesticide use, and is associated with social and labor-related issues. With nearly every person on the planet contributing to this industry, improved consumer behavior would undeniably help reduce its overall environmental footprint.