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  1. 7 changes for work and education post pandemic

    7 changes for work and education post pandemic

    After the school term ends this year, educational institutions will be hard at work. Schools and universities will need to understand how to respond to the new normal of social distancing and the fundamental shifts that lockdowns have brought about in the labor market.

  2. Google Pay added to mobile payment offering

    Credit Suisse is expanding its mobile payment options for credit card clients

  3. Credit Suisse appoints Christine Graeff as Group Head Corporate Communications and Deputy Global Head of Human Resources

    Credit Suisse today announces the appointment of Christine Graeff as Group Head of Corporate Communications and Deputy Global Head of Human Resources to leverage the full potential of both functions.

  4. Credit Suisse Private Fund Group forms Capital Solutions team

    The Credit Suisse Private Fund Group, a leading global placement agent and advisory team, is pleased to announce the combination of its market leading Secondary Advisory and Direct Placements businesses into a single business line, now called Capital Solutions. This integrated unit provides advice to global fund managers in transactions involving identified investment assets, assisting with capital formation, vehicle structuring, bespoke liquidity alternatives and financing at the manager level.

  5. Credit Suisse Holdings (USA), Inc. announces 2020 CCAR results

    Credit Suisse Holdings (USA), Inc. (CSH USA), the US intermediate holding company of Credit Suisse AG, announced today that the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System did not object to the 2020 Capital Plan of CSH USA submitted as part of the 2020 Comprehensive Capital Analysis Review (CCAR).

  6. Coronavirus crisis: SME export sentiment at historic low

    Credit Suisse and S-GE publish a study on the SME Export Outlook for the second half of 2020

  7. Credit Suisse and Brazilian digital bank modalmais enter into long-term strategic agreement

    Credit Suisse is committed to the Brazilian market and reinforces its position by entering into a long-term strategic agreement with Banco Modal (modalmais), one of Brazil’s leading digital banks

  8. Credit Suisse AG Announces Its Intent To Delist And Suspend Further Issuances Of Its VelocitySharesTM ETNs

    Credit Suisse AG announced today its intention to delist and suspend further issuances of the following Exchange Traded Notes (the "ETNs"):

  9. Global CIO Podcast: "We are seeing the first signs of recovery."

    Global CIO Podcast: "We are seeing the first signs of recovery."

    The resilience we highlighted last month has been on full display over the last few weeks. Despite a very recent pullback in US equities, markets have broadly rallied as many investors left the sidelines amid worries that they might miss out. As a result, many equity indices have managed to recoup a significant part, and in some cases all, of their year-to-date losses.