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  1. A-CAP and AmeriLife launch New Fixed Indexed Annuity linked to the Credit Suisse Momentum Index

    A-CAP and AmeriLife today announced the launch of the Accumulation Protector PlusSM ("APP") Annuity, a 10-year fixed indexed annuity. The APP Annuity is the latest addition to the industry-leading product lines of A-CAP's two insurance subsidiaries, Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company and Atlantic Coast Life Insurance Company. The APP Annuity is distinct in the industry, and gives contract holders exclusive access to the Credit Suisse Momentum Index (Bloomberg: CSEAMTM5 index), as well as a unique 10-year guarantee of participation rates through the index.

  2. Credit Suisse AG Announces the Acceleration at Its Option of its Previously Delisted VelocitySharesTM 3x Inverse Natural Gas ETNs

    Credit Suisse AG ("Credit Suisse") announced today that it will accelerate at its option its VelocitySharesTM 3x Inverse Natural Gas ETNs (the "ETNs"), which were previously delisted from the NYSE Arca.

  3. Virus, volatility and value

    Policymakers’ very fast reaction to the coronavirus crisis prevented a wave of bankruptcies. As long as the lockdown remains temporary and monetary and fiscal support during the lockdown is sufficient to prevent a wave of insolvencies, economic activity will be able to rebound fairly quickly and robustly. However, the pandemic will mark a turning point in our lives and thinking.

  4. Credit Suisse Asset Management gets serious on ESG

    Credit Suisse Asset Management is undertaking a systematic and comprehensive realignment of its investment strategies and product portfolio, in addition to integrating ESG criteria into its investment process. 

  5. Credit Suisse AG Announces Notice of Acceleration of its Previously Delisted VelocitySharesTM 3x Inverse Crude Oil ETNs and VelocitySharesTM 3x Long Crude Oil ETNs

    Credit Suisse AG ("Credit Suisse") announced today that it has provided notice to accelerate its 3x Inverse Crude Oil ETNs ("DWTIF") and 3x Long Crude Oil ETNs ("UWTIF") (together, the "ETNs"), each of which was previously delisted from the NYSE Arca in 2016.

  6. "A little more of the entrepreneur. A little less of the engineer."

    Disruptive ideas and radical technological advances are shaping our markets – and our lives – ever more powerfully and in ever expanding ways. Entrepreneurial thinking and courageous steps toward action are becoming a matter of survival.

  7. The sustainability approach of Global Real Estate

    Global Real Estate's objective is to generate sustainable financial, environmental, and social returns. Credit Suisse Asset Management focuses on three core initiatives in the real estate sector.

  8. Credit Suisse Asset Management's NEXT Investors Announces Acquisition of NorthPoint Technology from ACA Compliance Group

    Credit Suisse Asset Management's NEXT Investors, a leading Fintech growth equity group, announced today the acquisition of the NorthPoint product suite and technology consulting practice from ACA Compliance Group (ACA), a leading global provider of governance, risk, and compliance advisory services and technology solutions.

  9. Digital transformation in healthcare

    Artificial intelligence and big data are leading to far-reaching innovations and entirely new business models within the healthcare space, boosting quality of life and opening up exciting opportunities for investors.

  10. Edutainment – unlimited potential

    There are few things in this world that humanity can never have enough of. Health and education are two of them. Now, digitalization is bringing about profound change in these areas, with growing trends such as digital health and edutainment. Patients and students are gaining access to faster and better results, and generally at a lower cost than in the past. For investors this digital revolution promises new growth trends and fresh opportunities to make long-term, sustainable investments and diversify their portfolios.