HOLT® History of HOLT

History of HOLT

HOLT’s flexible platform has been evolving for over 25 years. In the 1970s Bart Madden worked closely with Bob Hendricks on the precursor to the CFROI® framework. In 1985, Bob Hendricks, Eric Olsen, Marvin Lipson and Rawley Thomas formed HOLT Planning Associates.  HOLT originated as an acronym from the first letters of each of the founders last names. In 1991, Bob Hendricks et al formed HOLT Value Associates. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) acquired the corporate planning segment of HOLT Planning Associates and founders Olsen, Lipson and Thomas joined BCG. 

History of Holt

In the mid 1990s, HOLT established offices in London and Sydney that served clients throughout Europe, Asia and Australia. In early 1999 Bart Madden published CFROI Valuation which focuses on what drives the wealth generation in business and which strategic initiatives are destined for high returns.

In 2002 HOLT was acquired by CSFB, creating CSFB HOLT and in 2006, CSFB becomes Credit Suisse through the “One Bank” initiative and HOLT is now a group within the Global Markets division of the bank.