What is HOLT? HOLT Lens™

HOLT Lens™

HOLT LensTM is an online platform that provides an objective framework to compare and value 20,000 companies from around the world, giving investors a clear understanding of company operations, valuation, market expectations, and accounting quality.

HOLT LensTM allows you to easily compare companies, access HOLT commentary on historical company performance, market expectations and risk considerations. With HOLT LensTM you can monitor what is changing in your portfolio or the screens you follow and easily access to the underlying data. HOLT LensTM also provides access to custom scenarios for companies based on IBES consensus estimates and Credit Suisse Research Estimates where available.

HOLT provides a full suite of interactive tools to help you make more confident investment decisions.

  • Modeling
    that allows you to quickly analyse the key drivers to operational performance, to quantify a company's embedded market expectations and assess upside potential as well as downside risks, and to assess the market’s view of company’s near-term expectations.
  • Hundreds
    of traditional and proprietary financial metrics you can employ to screen and rank companies according to specific investment criteria.
  • Tools
    which facilitate the aggregation of markets, indices, sectors and industries, letting you confidently compare asset classes, regions/countries and investment styles. Conduct objective portfolio reviews to balance risks within your portfolio, and facilitate comparisons with the most relevant benchmark.
  • Proprietary
    HOLT data that can provide a differentiated point of view, and identify accounting or economic anomalies embedded in existing data sets to supplement existing screening or analytical processes.
  • Objective
    portfolio analytics generated using HOLT's differentiated set of factors and styles, enabling clients to analyze risk in their positions, and compare their portfolios to benchmarks.

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