What is HOLT? Investment Products

Investment Products

Custom products for institutional investors

Using our proprietary framework, HOLT Investment Strategy Group constructs equity indices, baskets, and portfolios that retail and institutional clients use to gain immediate access to markets, themes, and proprietary investment strategies.  Additionally, hedge funds and risk managers rely on HOLT to help identify portfolio risks and structure custom hedging solutions.

Simplifying investment-picking for a major investor

A large investor in public and private equity needed a faster, more effective way to look at a broad universe of companies and choose investment targets.

We took a holistic approach for the client, providing data, tools and consulting services. Initially, we provided a screen of companies with financial characteristics that matched the client's investment criteria. Secondly, we used a variety of HOLT tools to evaluate the upside potential and downside risk under multiple scenarios. Finally, we conducted more comprehensive reviews of certain companies identified by the client.

The client has asked for regular updates to this process and now considers it a core element of the idea filtering process.

HOLT Indices

HOLT indices comprise portfolios of stocks that are screened and scored using HOLT’s performance and valuation methodology. These indices, which are regional, thematic or customized, give investors exposure to portfolios that can potentially outperform their benchmarks.

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