Who uses HOLT? Students and educators

Students and educators
"We have a saying at our company: Profit is a concept, cash flow is reality."

That's the view of one CFO who took an executive business course built around the concept of HOLT's proprietary CFROI methodology. In a number of forward-thinking business schools around the country, professors and students are challenging traditional approaches to financial analysis – and the subjective accounting standards they employ – with HOLT's strict focus on cash.

HOLT for students

For students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, HOLT is often one of the most memorable parts of the curriculum. Our proprietary CFROI methodology addresses cash-flow analysis, but more importantly, it illustrates clearly the consequences that corporate actions have on corporate profitability.

Students who use HOLT during their studies quickly move beyond conventional financial analysis. They think critically about case studies and learn to make important distinctions, for example that businesses with great products are often not great businesses, and that there is a crucial difference between a great company and a great stock.

Students can gain access to HOLT Lens, a premier investment tool, by participating in the HOLT Valuation Challenge.

HOLT for educators

Professors and lecturers who want their students to have the best possible grasp of corporate performance often turn to HOLT to clear away the clutter and demonstrate what's important . These are academics teaching business strategy and management. They don't use HOLT to teach financial analysis; instead, they use the financial analysis generated by our methodology to teach about what works and what doesn't in the corporate actions of companies.

"If we can better understand how the success or failure of a business is driven by its plans and actions, then we can greatly improve how we value companies and how we run our businesses," wrote Dr. Mark L. Frigo and Joel Litman in DRIVEN (Strategy & Execution LLC, 2008), their book about return-driven strategy that makes the case for the CFROI methodology used by HOLT.

If you're an educator and you'd like to learn more, please contact us.

HOLT Valuation Challenge

The HOLT Valuation Challenge is a three stage program providing university students the opportunity to learn about the HOLT valuation methodology, showcase their understanding, and have a chance at an interview with Credit Suisse HOLT. Students will expand their knowledge of accounting, finance and valuation, resulting in better results in both the classroom and their future career.

Open to active students only, compete for a chance at an internship or co-op position with Credit Suisse HOLT and affiliates.

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