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  1. Credit Suisse AG Announces the Reverse Split of its DGAZ ETNs

    Credit Suisse AG announced today that it will implement a 1-for-20 reverse split of its VelocityShares™ 3x Inverse Natural Gas ETNs ("DGAZ"), expected to be effective as of November 26, 2018.

  2. Commodities Decreased on Lower Demand Expectations for Metals and Increased Supply Prospects for Crude Oil

    Commodities decreased as demand expectations for industrial metals fell amid softening global growth prospects and as supply expectations for crude oil grew.

  3. millennials-supertrend-encourages-sustainable-investing

    Millennials focus on sustainable investing

    Millennials attach great importance to social and environmental issues. The Credit Suisse "Millennials’ values" Supertrend addresses this issue. Two strategies for sustainable investing are applied.

  4. emerging-market-equities-offer-attractive-investment-opportunities

    Investing in emerging markets. Five good reasons.

    Emerging market (EM) assets exhibit attractive valuations that are out of sync with fundamentals and a lighter market positioning, providing an attractive investment case. Five reasons for emerging market equities.

  5. Property taxes: How to correctly pay your property taxes

    Paying property taxes right: How you can save on taxes

    Every owner has to pay taxes on their property. If you plan ahead, there are various tax deductions for owner-occupied homes. Find out what taxes are placed on properties and how you as a home owner can save money on taxes. 

  6. Credit Suisse Europe Barometer: Bilateral agreements still broadly supported – high level of confidence in trade agreements with third countries

    Credit Suisse and the Europa Forum Lucerne publish a representative survey about Switzerland’s relationship with Europe

  7. Emerging Asia will produce more than half of global output by 2050

    Credit Suisse Research Institute publishes new ‘Asia in Transition’ report looking at the changing nature of Emerging Asia

  8. capital-market-returns-on-the-rise-particularly-on-us-stock-exchanges

    Rising capital market returns stoke fears of inflation

    Does the current rise in capital market returns mean a return to inflation? This is a hot topic on the markets at present, and investors are showing concern. Read why this trend does not yet mean a return to inflation.

  9. Real estate in old age: Tips for signing over or selling your house

    Homes in old age: planning today is better than tomorrow.

    Sooner or later, people who own a house or an apartment will need to consider what will happen with the property in old age. Is the mortgage still affordable? Is the home age-appropriate? Should the house be signed over to a child one day? It is a good idea to consider this early on.

  10. The compulsory portion protects heirs

    The compulsory portion under Swiss succession law

    The compulsory portion ensures that a share of the estate cannot be revoked from certain heirs. Under Swiss succession law, the descendants (children, grandchildren), spouses, and parents are entitled to this protection. It can only be validly renounced by means of an inheritance contract.