Emerging Markets

Credit Suisse has a continued leadership position in complex, innovative transactions across the Emerging Markets, regularly generating inventive and tailor-made solutions for clients. 


Credit Suisse acquired Garantia in 1998 to establish a leading investment bank presence in Brazil, followed by Hedging-Griffo in 2006 to enable private banking services. Our Brazil franchise has a leading client footprint that uniquely reflects the strength of our integrated solutions offering and our global distribution capabilities.

Latin America and Caribbean

We are a leading arranger of structured loans for sovereigns, financial institutions and corporates, with coverage across Mexico, Argentina, Central America, the Caribbean and other Frontier Markets.


Credit Suisse was the first Western financial institution to be granted a Russian securities license membership on the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX) and Russian Trading System (RTS). We provide innovative structured products, credit and restructuring solutions tailored to local client needs.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Our exceptional track record and experience covers over USD 4 billion in loans arranged in over 15 transactions since 2012. We provide specialist-dedicated SSA coverage leveraging strong relationships with entrepreneurs, financial institutions, contractors and government ministers for infrastructure projects.