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Radhia Rüttimann

Radhia Rüttimann

Radhia Rüttimann (1972) has worked in Real Estate Investment Management at Credit Suisse since October 2004. She has been fund manager of CS REF Interswiss since October 2006 and for the CS REF LogisticsPlus since its launch 2014.
She gained her first practical experience in the mortgage and lending business at Neue Aargauer Bank. In 1998, she joined Credit Suisse's credit recovery area. There, she was responsible for assessing and managing risk exposures. While she was working, she completed her training as a business economist in 2003.
In 2004, Rüttimann moved to Real Estate Investment Management at Credit Suisse. In 2008, she obtained the MAS Real Estate Management at HWZ Zürich. In 2016, she completed an executive diploma HSG in Supply Chain- and Logistics Management, as well as the European Master Logistician Certificate at the University of St. Gallen. As CS REF Interswiss and CS REF LogisticsPlus fund manager, she is responsible for strategic decisions regarding the portfolio, investments, disinvestments, and finances. Her duties focus on sustainable asset maintenance, portfolio renewal, and the distribution of suitable returns. Radhia Rüttimann is assisted by a skilled product team.

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