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CS Real Estate Fund International*

CS REF International

The fund invests in good-quality commercial properties at attractive locations in Europe, Asia, North, Central and South America. The currencies are for the most part hedged. This fund is traded over the counter. The Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund International (CS REF International) is exclusively open to qualified investors.

* Switzerland: only for qualified investors as defined in the CISA (art. 10 paras. 3 and 4 CISA) and the Collective Investment Schemes Ordinance ("CISO") (art. 6 CISO). 

Top 5 Projects/Properties

1099 New York Avenue

1099 New York Avenue, Washington DC, USA  

  • Construction: 2008
  • Utilization: Office
  • Investment volume in CHF: 168.8 Mio.
  • Total rentable area: 16 563 m2
  • Architect: Thomas Phifer & Partners
The Exchange

The Exchange, Vancouver, Canada  

  • Construction: 2014-2017
  • Utilization: Office
  • Investment volume in CAD: 230 Mio.
  • Architect: Harry Gugger Studio, Iredale Group
Apoquindo 5400

Apoquindo 5400, Santiago, Chile

  • Construction: 2014
  • Utilization: Office and retail
  • Size of investment in CHF: 75.5 Mio.
  • Total rentable area: 22 265 m2
  • Certification: LEED Gold
55 Elizabeth Street

55 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane, Australien  

  • Construction: 2013
  • Utilization: Office
  • Investment volume in CHF: 153.7 Mio.
  • Total rentable area: 19 659 m2
  • Architect: BVN Donovan Hill
Laimer Würfel

Laimer Würfel, Munich, Germany  

  • Construction: 2008
  • Utilization: Office
  • Investment volume in CHF: 93.6 Mio.
  • Total rentable area: 24 676 m2
  • Architect: frick krüger nusser plan2 GmbH

Fund Manager

Rainer Scherwey

Rainer Scherwey

Rainer Scherwey has worked at Credit Suisse since 2001. He is Head International Products and Mandates and also Fund Manager for Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund International. From 2004 to 2006, he was a Fund Manager for the Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund Property Plus, the first Swiss real estate fund to invest primarily in approved new construction projects at attractive locations in Switzerland.

From 2006 to 2008, he worked for Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund International as deputy Regional Manager in New York, where he was involved in establishing the local Real Estate Investment Management branch. In this role, he was also responsible for the portfolio's asset management in Canada and actively supported the development of the portfolio in Central and South America.

Rainer Scherwey has an MSc degree in architecture from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich. After completing his studies, he gained practical experience at the architectural firm of Prof. Hans Kollhoff in Berlin in 1999. Later he worked as a junior project developer at ABB Immobilien AG in Baden. While working, he took a two-year MBA program in international real estate management at the University of Applied Sciences in Biberach, Germany, which he completed in 2004. Since 2011, he has been on the advisory board for this academic program. Additionally, Scherwey is a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS) and since 2011 has been on the board of RICS Switzerland.  

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