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Global Real Estate

Credit Suisse Asset Management is a leading provider of real estate investments. Our broad array of real estate solutions spans a range of geographies and investment types. 

Among the leading investment managers in real estate, Credit Suisse Asset Management has a distinctive record of providing clients with high-quality real estate investments.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. Our team of investment professionals always keeps an eye out for new trends that maximize value for our clients.

The largest real estate investment manager in Switzerland, Credit Suisse Asset Management ranks among the top 15 largest providers of real estate investments worldwide.1 We have first-class access to, and insights into, real estate opportunities globally.

The depth of our experience enables us to offer an array of strategies. Whatever your goals and risk tolerance, we have a solution to suit you. 

Potential risks associated with investments in real estate could be: dependence on economic developments, exchange rate risk, changes in the real estate markets of the investment countries, limited liquidity, the development of interest rates/inflation, real estate valuations, environmental risks, changes in laws and regulations, potential conflicts of interest, and pricing on the secondary market.