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Publications providing a comprehensive look at the global activities of Credit Suisse Asset Management, its businesses and investment products.

In terms of investing assets successfully, real estate investments play a decisive role.
Novum provides you with an overview of the real estate investments of Credit Suisse Asset Management Global Real Estate.

All this, and much more is waiting for you in the current issue:

  • Prospects
    A Discussion about the Development of Global Real Estate
  • Identifying Potential
    Diversifying with Global Real Estate
  • New Landmark
    A New Building Characterizes Vancouver
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A publication designed to give you a deeper insight into the fascinating world of asset management and our global activities. Scope provides a platform for expertise and investment themes.

The latest issue of Scope provides you with insights into the world's most vibrant economy, and shows how international investors can profit from China's strong economic growth - from simplified access to two of the world's largest equity and bond markets to strategies that are suitable for a variety of risk/return profiles.

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