Cash Equities Corporate Access Calendar

Corporate Access Calendar

2020 Conferences/Corporate Days

Please note some of the below events are by invitation only and all may be subject to change. Please contact your Credit Suisse sales or Corporate Access representative if you are interested in any of the events.

Dates Conference Location
Jun 1-5, 2020 Asia Internet Virtual Conference Virtual Event
Jun 2-3, 2020 2020 Chemicals & Agriculture, Packaging and Cement Series Virtual Conference Virtual Event
Jun 2-5, 2020 2020 Virtual Global Energy Conference Virtual Event
Jun 4-5, 2020 Asia Consumer Virtual Conference Virtual Event
Jun 8-10, 2020 Finding Alpha: The Philippines' Pandemic Behaviour Virtual Event
Jun 10-12, 2020 Asia Healthcare Virtual Conference Virtual Event
Mid Jun, 2020 2nd Small Caps Conference Sao Paulo, Brazil
Jun 16-17, 2020 22nd Annual Virtual Communications Conference Virtual Event
Jun 17, 2020 HK/ China Property Virtual Corporate Day Virtual Event
Jun 17-18, 2020 SGX-CS Singapore Virtual Corporate Days Virtual Event
Jun 22-24, 2020 2020 Biotech Conference Montauk, New York
Jun 22-26, 2020 CS Virtual European Insurance Fieldtrip 2020 Virtual Event
Jun 23-24, 2020 7th Australia Energy Virtual Conference Virtual Event
Jun 29, 2020 The Next Horizon Series: ESG Virtual Day Virtual Event
Jun 29-30, 2020 Korea Virtual Corp Day – Beyond COVID-19 Virtual Event
Aug 13-14, 2020 Indonesia Virtual Conference Virtual Event
Aug 17-18, 2020 Taiwan Non-Tech Virtual Corporate Days – A look beyond the pandemic Virtual Event
Aug 18, 2020 3rd Annual Virtual FinTech Conference Virtual Event
Aug 26-27, 2020 5th Annual Private Companies Conference Sao Paulo, Brazil
Aug 31-Sep 2, 2020 8th China Internet C-Level Conference Virtual Event
Sep 2-4, 2020 5th Japan Kyoto Conference Virtual Event
Sep 9-10, 2020 Virtual edition: 14th Annual Latam Conference Virtual Event
Sep 7-11, 2020 21th Asian Technology Conference Virtual Event
Sep 10-11, 2020 Global Steel & Mining Conference London
Sep 11, 2020 Asia Gaming Corporate Day Hong Kong SAR, China
Sep 15-17, 2020 33rd Annual CS Global Basic Materials Conference New York
Sep 17, 2020 InsureTech Conference New York
Sep 22, 2020 China Autos Corporate Day Hong Kong SAR, China
Sep 23, 2020 Brazil Agribusiness Day Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sep 24, 2020 3rd Brazil Retail Day Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sep 28-30, 2020 2020 Autos Conference Paris
late Sep, 2020 6th Annual Oilfield Services "Non Bus Tour" Houston
Oct 7, 2020 2020 Corporate & Hybrid Capital Conference London
Oct 8, 2020 2020 Credit Suisse European Communications Infrastructure Conference London
mid Oct, 2020 Quantitative Conference New York
Oct 12-16, 2020 Asia Frontier Conference London, New York
Oct 21-22, 2020 9th Annual Real Estate CEO Conference Sao Paulo, Brazil
Early Nov, 2020 11th China Investment Conference Shenzhen, China
tbc Nov, 2020 2020 TechFin and Telecom Conference Sao Paulo, Brazil
tbc Nov, 2020 3rd Utilities Day Sao Paulo, Brazil
Nov 9-11, 2020 29th Annual Healthcare Conference Scottsdale
Nov 16-20, 2020 Asia Internet Conference London, New York
Nov 18-20, 2020 Swiss Equity Small & Midcap Conference Zurich
Nov 19-20, 2020 2nd Japan Corporate Days London
Nov 23-24, 2020 2020 EMEA FinTech Summit London
Nov 30-Dec 3, 2020 24th Annual Technology Conference Scottsdale
tbc Dec, 2020 9th Annual European Healthcare Fieldtrip Europe
tbc Dec, 2020 4th Oil & Gas Day Sao Paulo, Brazil
tbc Dec, 2020 8th Annual LatAm Basic Materials Conference Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dec 1, 2020 London Speciality Chemicals London
Dec 2-4, 2020 8th Annual Global Industrials Conference Palm Beach
Dec 8-9, 2020 10th European Business Services Conference New York

Please click for information on the Credit Suisse Corporate Access Rate Card (PDF), or contact your Sales Representative to clarify your Corporate Access agreements.

Global Corporate Access Team


Tom Lewis, Salima Virani, Amanda Baird, Joanna Chinappen, Hollie Barry, Rachel Clifton (New York), Panthea O'Connell (New York)


Cyrus Cheng, Minna Chiu, Faye Man, Asako Oka-Delahunty (London), Sakura Nishimoto (Japan), Cathy Kermond (Australia/NZ), Janice Z. Evangelista (Australia/NZ), Gisele Castelino (India), Gerry Fallon (New York)


Lauren MacIntosh, Nicole Kirby, Brett Weiss, Nicole Alvino, Jordan Leff, Amanda Baird (London) , Amy Landon (Boston), Patty Jones (San Francisco), Jennifer Horstman (Midwest)

Latin America

Marilu Gonzalez (LatAm ex Brazil), Jessica Ramos (LatAm ex Brazil), Barbara Braga (Brazil), Ana Carvalho (Brazil), Claudia Bruha (New York)