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  1. Supertrends: Climate Protection – a Key Value for Millennials

    Supertrends: Climate Protection – a Key Value for Millennials

    The Millennials are one of the largest generations in history and soon reaching maturity as investors. Their values – particularly caring about the environment and climate change – are most likely to become ever more influential topics and fuel growth in areas such as sustainable investment and clean energy. 

  2. Supertrends Shape the Future of Investing

    Supertrends Shape the Future of Investing

    Five long-term themes expected to provide attractive investment opportunities in the years ahead. 

  3. Where Europe Meets Asia

    Where Europe Meets Asia 

    For two decades now, the Asian Investment Conference (AIC), the region's largest and most exclusive investment conference, has delivered unrivalled access to expert speakers from around the world and provided thought-provoking insights. And this year was no different. Over 3,000 attendees joined an impressive line-up of political leaders, entrepreneurs, central bank officials and academics as Credit Suisse celebrated the AIC's 20th anniversary. 

  4. Credit Suisse Yearbook 2017: Low Interest Rates Hit Returns on Equities

    Credit Suisse Yearbook 2017: Low Interest Rates Hit Returns on Equities

    The risk premiums on equities are unlikely to be as high in the future as they have been. This is the conclusion reached by the 2017 Yearbook published by Credit Suisse.

  5. Conservation Finance – Where Wall Street Meets Nature

    Conservation Finance – Where Wall Street Meets Nature

    The more boring sustainable investment products in nature are, the better. That is one of the findings of the 4th Annual Conservation Finance Conference that was recently held at Credit Suisse in New York. Investing in such products can provide a good, stable, current yield.

  6. Credit Suisse Launches European Political Risk Barometer

    The current year we will see several elections held in Europe. With voters going to the polls there are many uncertainties associated. Investors should keep an eye on the political calendar. The European Political Risk Barometer developed by IS&P will support them to do so.

  7. Millennials Drive Sustainability

    Millennials Drive Sustainability 

    Sustainability is a key concern for the millennials generation. Companies have to adapt processes and production practices to make their products sustainable and seize the opportunities this rapidly growing generation of consumers creates. 

  8. Impact Investing – Catalyzing Wealth for Change

    Impact Investing – Catalyzing Wealth for Change

    At Credit Suisse, we see a growing number of clients interested in impact investing, an investment approach that aims to bring about a measurable social or environmental change while generating financial returns. Julia Balandina Jaquier, an author of Catalyzing Wealth for Change: Guide to Impact Investing, together with Olivier Rousset, Head Impact Investment Specialists at Credit Suisse, shed some light on the topic.

  9. Investing in Financial Inclusion Through Start-Ups

    Investing in Financial Inclusion Through Start-Ups 

    Start-ups often drive innovation but can lack access to capital and strategic support. Particularly in emerging or developing countries. As a result, many promising ideas are never given the opportunity to enter the market. 

  10. Tokyo 2020 and Beyond

    Tokyo 2020 and Beyond

    Credit Suisse expects the construction boom in Japan to continue beyond the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. However, just like in the Olympics, there will be winners and losers among the companies hoping to win big.