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The HOLT platform is used by wealth managers to gain unique and objective perspectives on over 20,000 publicly-traded companies around the world. Using this large universe of companies as a starting point, these investors can benefit from a core managed portfolio which leverages our systematic scoring methodology and fundamental reviesw. Additionally,our suite of equity indices offer investors exposure to a portfolio of stocks which are systematically screened for attractiveness based on the HOLT methodology.

Hedging a client’s large portfolio position

The Challenge

A private bank client with large single stock positions was interested in diversifying, but wanted to realize the full value of their holdings.

Our Solution

The client, wealth manager and HOLT team worked through plausible fundamental scenarios and the resulting valuations to help determine reasonable levels at which to hedge or monetize a position.

The Outcome

Our team quickly and clearly demonstrated the market’s expectations for each company, which allowed the client to make selective disposals at advantageous prices.

Applying HOLT-screened indices to select outperforming stocks

The Challenge

High net worth clients often want exposure to regions or themes, and ETFs are the most common way to gain that exposure.  However, ETFs most often include the largest stocks but not necessarily the most attractive ones.

Our Solution

In order to identify the most attractive stocks linked to a theme or region, we introduced a wealth manager to HOLT's series of indices, which use our highly developed screening process.

The Outcome

The historical simulations of results with this unique HOLT portfolio made the wealth manager comfortable making a significant investment for his client.

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