Customer Notices FINRA Rule 4340

FINRA Rule 4340

Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC Allocation Procedures for Securities Subject to Partial Redemptions or Calls 

When an issuer notifies Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC ('CSS') that a security is subject to a partial redemption or call, CSSU will determine whether the call or redemption is favorable or unfavorable by comparing the current market price to the call price.

If the call is favorable to the called parties, CSSU will exclude any firm or employee related accounts from the pool of securities eligible to be called, unless and until all other customer securities have been called. If the call is unfavorable, firm and employee accounts are included in the pool of eligible securities to be called.

Once the pool of eligible securities has been determined, CSSU uses a random lottery process to allocate the call/redemption on a fair and impartial basis. The lottery process involves a mathematical formula to identify accounts and quantities of securities that will be allocated the partial call/redemption.

If you have questions regarding the allocation of partial calls/redemptions, please contact your Credit Suisse Representative.