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  1. Mobility of the future: Electric vehicles and autonomous driving

    Smart mobility. Mobility of the future. 

    Smart mobility is the mobility of the future. Although electric mobility has been a reality for a while now, it is set to become much cheaper, more efficient and more sustainable. That's because autonomous driving will eventually have a huge impact on our mobility. How mobility is developing and why investors can profit.

  2. Artificial intelligence: Investments in AI offer opportunities

    Artificial intelligence. The future is already here. Opportunity for tomorrow.

    Technology is the investment outperformer among Credit Suisse's Supertrends. This includes artificial intelligence (AI). What this means for areas where AI is already being used and why the future of AI investments is especially promising.

  3. Climate change is a risk for investors – and an opportunity

    Never has the subject of climate change been as topical as it is today. In an interview, Reto Knutti, professor of climate physics at ETH Zurich, explains what this means for the economy and investors. He is convinced that sustainable investing can contribute to protecting the climate.

  4. investing-in-july-focus-remains-on-us-equities-and-it-sector

    Investing in July: Our forecast in brief

    Credit Suisse's perspective on economic and financial Credit Suisse's perspective on economic and financial market developments over the short- to medium-term and their implications for investors. US equities are given more weight, whereas emerging market equities are set to neutral.

  5. Investment strategies: Underweighting of emerging market equities

    Nannette Hechler in the video: "Recession risks are not increasing"

    In spite of trade conflicts and weaker global economic growth, the outlook for equities remains promising. Nannette Hechler-Fayd'herbe, Chief Investment Officer of the International Wealth Management division, explains why investors should nevertheless adjust their investment strategy in the video.

  6. cyber-security-as-an-investment-trend-protection-from-cyber-attacks

    Digital networking is increasing. Cyber security is becoming a structural megatrend.

    Security, and especially cyber security, is a major issue of our times. Both companies and private individuals must protect against cyber attacks. For investors, this is an opportunity to invest in the cyber security trend. 

  7. Augmented reality and virtual reality: integration across industries

    Increased integration of augmented and virtual reality across industries 

    The technology-Supertrend virtual and augmented reality is gaining more prominence throughout the economy: Enterprises are increasingly integrating augmented and virtual reality technology into their workflows. This not only improves the industry’s efficiency, but also offers interesting investment opportunities.  

  8. Investing in June: Equities still attractive despite trade war

    Investing in June: Our forecast in brief

    Credit Suisse's perspective on economic and financial market developments over the short to medium term and their implications for investors. Equities still attractive despite escalation of trade war. Nonetheless, Swiss industry is stagnating.

  9. equities-remain-attractive-global-cio-strobaek-in-a-video-interview

    Video with Michael Strobaek: Continued positive environment for equities

    After a strong rally, equity markets experienced a setback in early May. Michael Strobaek, Global CIO of Credit Suisse, talks in the video about the appropriate investment strategy and explains that investors can generate higher returns over the long term with Supertrends. 

  10. impact-investments-invest-in-climate-protection-with-impact-investing

    Combine returns and climate protection. With impact investments.

    Would you like to reconcile your financial interests and climate protection? New ways to invest such as impact investments and sustainable investments make this possible. How you can use green bonds to make targeted investments in environmental projects without forgoing returns.