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  1. 7 changes for work and education post pandemic

    7 changes for work and education post pandemic

    After the school term ends this year, educational institutions will be hard at work. Schools and universities will need to understand how to respond to the new normal of social distancing and the fundamental shifts that lockdowns have brought about in the labor market.

  2. At risk of cyberattacks: COVID-19 activates cybercriminals

    At risk of cyberattacks: COVID-19 activates cybercriminals

    The coronavirus lockdown has made us heavily dependent on the internet. With so many activities shifted online, banking including, cyber threat is on the rise.

  3. Digitalization helps fight epidemics

    Digitalization helps fight epidemics

    Improved hygiene standards and living conditions, advancements in medicine and technology mean that today we are better prepared to deal with pandemics. But perhaps the most game-changing factor is connectivity. We take a look at how connectivity and technology can help us overcome this current health challenge.

  4. The growing demand for EdTech during coronavirus lockdown

    The growing demand for EdTech during coronavirus lockdown

    Education technology (EdTech) is one of the few industries experiencing a sharp upward demand, reinforcing its potential for profitability and the role it can play in societal wellbeing.

  5. Making e-mobility sustainable

    Making e-mobility sustainable

    With climate change undeniable and new CO2 emissions restrictions, lower carbon transportation is necessary.

  6. Society of the future

    Society of the future

    Instead of worrying about robots taking our jobs, we should be identifying which jobs machines will not be capable of doing in the foreseeable future. In other words, what skills will be key to finding employment? Imagination and creativity seem to be the answer.

  7. Digital Day: "People remain the focus"

    Digital Day: "People remain the focus"

    Digitalization is defined by many trends – technology, innovations, ecosystems. In this interview, Anke Bridge Haux, Head of Digitalization & Products at Credit Suisse, talks about these developments.

  8. Evolution of the mobile phone

    Evolution of the mobile phone

    Who are the drivers of progress? Individuals who, through observation, questioning the status quo, and thinking outside the box, come up with discoveries and solutions that shift the world's paradigm. We have interviewed one of them – Martin Cooper, the inventor of the cell phone.

  9. Buildings of the future

    Buildings of the future

    Entrepreneurial minds never settle. They always search for improvement, which – before it becomes mainstream – is considered avant-garde. We spoke about the trends in modern architecture with Hani Rashid, a visionary thinker and one of the most important specialists on digital architecture.  

  10. The department store of the future. Shopping in Beijing.

    China's new middle class, numbering some 400 million people, will fundamentally change global trade. What are these people buying? How do they approach consumption? We accompany a young Chinese woman as she goes shopping – and catch a glimpse of our own future.