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  1. Buildings of the future

    Buildings of the future

    Entrepreneurial minds never settle. They always search for improvement, which – before it becomes mainstream – is considered avant-garde. We spoke about the trends in modern architecture with Hani Rashid, a visionary thinker and one of the most important specialists on digital architecture.  

  2. The department store of the future. Shopping in Beijing.

    China's new middle class, numbering some 400 million people, will fundamentally change global trade. What are these people buying? How do they approach consumption? We accompany a young Chinese woman as she goes shopping – and catch a glimpse of our own future.

  3. AI and healthcare: more personal and more accessible

    Artificial intelligence, or AI, has many applications in healthcare. Discover what companies are doing in primary care and fertility medicine, in our series of interviews.

  4. Beating death – advances in healthtech

    Beating death – advances in healthtech

    The latest developments in medicine and healthtech will soon allow for completely new therapies to treat a whole range of diseases, some of which were considered until now to be fatal. Will our lifespan soon increase? Can we really beat death?

  5. Edutainment – learning through gaming

    There are few things in this world that humanity can never have enough of. Education is one of them. Today, digitalization is bringing about profound changes in this sector, and one particularly exciting trend is that of edutainment.

  6. Entrepreneurs solving real world problems

    Entrepreneurs solving real world problems

    Today we constantly look for innovations that shift paradigms. We believe that it is forward-thinkers who are best placed to spot and solve real-world problems.

  7. Today's pioneers

    Today's pioneers

    Today's pioneers are entrepreneurs who push the latest technology to its limits. Find out how they are making big change happen and how networks can help.

  8. Virtual and augmented reality – not just about entertainment

    Virtual and augmented reality – not just about entertainment

    More and more sectors are opening up to virtual and augmented reality.

  9. How to make AI transformation more likely to succeed

    Successful artificial intelligence transformations among companies are coveted yet scarce. What is vital to unleash AI’s full potential?

  10. Power play in Asia leads to a shift in economic and political allegiances

    Power play in Asia leads to a shift in economic and political allegiances

    With China expanding its sphere of influence globally Asia is witnessing a huge geopolitical transformation. Freedom of navigation and littoral fishing and mineral extraction rights are under growing dispute. Smaller nations drawn into this conflict of claims must seek to protect their interests with the most favorable economic and security alliances.