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  1. Batteries

    Global xEV Battery Value Chain – The Rise of LFP: Impact Across the Value Chain

    Surging commodities prices, especially lithium, have led to significant cost inflation in battery materials, eroding margins across the global battery value chain.

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    Are Conditions Right for U.S. Banks To Break-Out?

    All banks are not equal. At current valuations, cognizant of embedded expectations and rate-driven volatility, we favor those banks best positioned to thrive in and beyond a tightening cycle. We see advantages for scaled, complete, tech-embracing marketers able to garner profitable market share to sustain above-average growth and returns.

  3. Hand in a medical glove in the lab

    Visible Growth Pathways for Korean CMOs

    Biologic drugs have distinctive characteristics from traditional chemical drugs (living protein vs. chemical synthesis). Even though chemical synthetics still represent the majority of share within global pharma companies, biologics still account for almost one-third of the global market, according to Evaluate Pharma.

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    China xEV Battery Value Chain Electrolyte: The Golden Age of Chinese Electrolyte Suppliers

    Chinese electrolyte players could reach 87% of global market share by 2025 (vs 69% in 2020), based on our estimate.

  5. Wall of cabinets in server room

    US Networking Equipment Channel Check-In

    We're seeing encouraging hyperscaler and cloud service provider data points. More than 50% of the private data center operators, or multi-tenant data centers (MTDCs), we have spoken to have reported significant lease signings activity and have committed deals that are materially ahead of budgeted target levels for 4Q21.

  6. Bridge, river and mountains

    Outlook 2022: Engaging Opportunities

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, considerable stimulus was injected into several economies in the world. In some jurisdictions, stimulus was directed toward a variety of infrastructure programs to aid economic recovery and broader-based economic multipliers. On the horizon will be the potential for asset sales from governments to help balance finances. The 5G and data infrastructure trends also remain robust across the globe and tend to offer greater than typical infrastructure growth rates.

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    Brazilian Groceries: The Price-Quality Battleground

    Despite its less discretionary profile within the retail universe, a decline in Brazil’s total real disposable income could be a headwind for retail food sales. People continue to look for better value propositions and prices when shopping for groceries, and the C&C segment could continue to gain share of wallet and penetration within the retail food market.

  8. Worker at car factory

    October EV Monthly Report Card – Narrative Continues to Strengthen, Raising LT EV Estimates

    In conjunction with our colleagues covering global autos, we raise our 2030 global EV estimates. Our revised estimates reflect more aggressive government policies toward decarbonization and more significant commitments by automakers globally to make the EV transition.  We assume China and Europe will lead the way on EV penetration, but we also raise our forecasts for the United States.

  9. A wind turbine

    Sustainable Energy – Credit Suisse Outlook on Hydrogen and Renewables in Europe

    We review the debate beyond ‘Hydrogen 101’ primers to focus on which electrolysis technologies appear best positioned. We highlight advantages vs. peers that the market may have missed and where expectations may be too high.

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    U.S. Electrical Equipment and Multi-Industry: Introduction to HVAC

    Net Zero/Carbon Neutrality refers to the idea that a system removes the same amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as it emits (i.e., no net carbon dioxide is emitted). Such a system would not contribute to climate change and other environmental/health problems exacerbated by an increase in carbon dioxide.