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  1. Switzerland's doing fine

    Switzerland's doing fine

    The Swiss rate their national and personal economic situation positively.

  2. "I sometimes miss the willingness to pull together."

    "I sometimes miss the willingness to pull together."

    Federal Councilor Karin Keller-Sutter on the concerns of Swiss voters, the outlook for bilateral treaties and the political benefits of a slower pace.

  3. "Don't delegate your own responsibilities."

    "Don't delegate your own responsibilities."

    Entrepreneur and philanthropist Jobst Wagner worries about the Swiss economy and civil society. That's why he's rewarding smart ideas for Switzerland's future.

  4. The collapse of confidence

    The collapse of confidence

    Confidence in Switzerland's institutions is dropping rapidly. In one notable exception, the police have captured the top spot.

  5. The reform backlog

    The reform backlog

    Voter priorities are clear and their impatience is mounting: They want answers and results.

  6. "Everyone is called upon to preserve the militia system."

    "Everyone is called upon to preserve the militia system."

    Andreas Müller from the Swiss Association of Municipalities discusses the Year of Militia Service and how to encourage social commitment.

  7. One Young World celebrates the young entrepreneur empowering migrant workers
  8. Key issues for Generation Z and politics

    Generation Z engages politically

    Youth culture has long been considered a politics-free zone, but now Generation Z is joining its predecessors in taking to the streets. Are we witnessing the political awakening of young people?

  9. "The only option is to step up the fight"

    "The only option is to step up the fight"

    After a successful career in banking, Peter Sands, former CEO of Standard Chartered, took over the helm of the Global Fund. Combatting HIV, malaria and tuberculosis is a role that he "could not refuse." Interview Marisa Drew, CEO Impact Advisory and Finance, Credit Suisse

  10. Society of the future

    Society of the future

    Instead of worrying about robots taking our jobs, we should be identifying which jobs machines will not be capable of doing in the foreseeable future. In other words, what skills will be key to finding employment? Imagination and creativity seem to be the answer.