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  1. Credit Suisse Worry Barometer 2023: Healthcare costs the new number one concern – greater focus on migration and housing costs

    Credit Suisse publishes the results of the latest polling of Swiss voters on worries, confidence, and identity

  2. Locational quality 2023: Basel-Land increasingly attractive

    Credit Suisse publishes its annual study on the locational quality of Swiss cantons and regions

  3. Tax ranking 2023: Basel-Land moves on up

    Credit Suisse publishes “Tax Monitor Switzerland” 2023

  4. Swiss real estate market: Soft landing in sight

    Credit Suisse publishes Swiss Real Estate Monitor Q2 2023

  5. Pension Fund Study 2023: Collective and joint institutions gaining ground

    Credit Suisse publishes Pension Fund Study 2023: "Collective and joint institutions: Growing responsibility."

  6. Early generation entrepreneurs drive the outperformance of family businesses

    Credit Suisse Research Institute published the fifth edition of its Family 1000 report

  7. Swiss economy: Lack of growth drivers; energy crisis has only a limited impact on industry

    Credit Suisse publishes its Monitor Switzerland for Q1 2023