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  1. Credit Suisse Worry Barometer 2023: Healthcare costs the new number one concern – greater focus on migration and housing costs

    Credit Suisse publishes the results of the latest polling of Swiss voters on worries, confidence, and identity

  2. Locational quality 2023: Basel-Land increasingly attractive

    Credit Suisse publishes its annual study on the locational quality of Swiss cantons and regions

  3. Tax ranking 2023: Basel-Land moves on up

    Credit Suisse publishes “Tax Monitor Switzerland” 2023

  4. Swiss real estate market: Soft landing in sight

    Credit Suisse publishes Swiss Real Estate Monitor Q2 2023

  5. The economy of small countries

    Does size matter? The economy of small countries

    Small states worldwide thrive even in hostile environments.

  6. Pension Fund Study 2023: Collective and joint institutions gaining ground

    Credit Suisse publishes Pension Fund Study 2023: "Collective and joint institutions: Growing responsibility."

  7. Therapeutic Journeys in Diabetes – 1Q23 claim trends

    The proportion of patients starting GLP or GIP-GLP treatment without prior diabetes treatment has risen substantially in recent quarters.