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  1. COVID-19 shakes up the emerging consumer landscape while the vaccine news boosts optimism

    COVID-19 shakes up the emerging consumer landscape while the vaccine news boosts optimism

    The pandemic triggered and accelerated a number of changes in consumer behavior. With many activities on hold due to restrictions and safety measures, consumers recreated their life online. What is more, the extraordinary circumstances made people spend less and differently. Will the COVID-19 vaccine reverse these trends?

  2. Credit Suisse and University of St.Gallen strengthen research and teaching

    Credit Suisse is entering into a new partnership with the University of St.Gallen (HSG) with the aim of strengthening research and teaching through the development of expertise at the interfaces between finance, management, and law. As part of this partnership, Credit Suisse is contributing CHF 20 million over the next 10 years to the promotion of education and research, while at the same time – in its capacity as founding and strategic partner – facilitating the establishment of the HSG Center for Financial Services Innovation, which will include the creation of several professorships.

  3. Swiss economy: Lockdown savings will boost consumption again

    Credit Suisse publishes its ‘Monitor Switzerland’ for Q1 2021

  4. Home sweet home – apartments high in demand

    Credit Suisse publishes 'Swiss Real Estate Market 2021' study

  5. Credit Suisse launches Man AHL TargetRisk Core Custom Index

    Credit Suisse has collaborated with Man Group to launch the Credit Suisse Man AHL TargetRisk Core Custom Index (TRCC Index), bringing a new addition to its Quantitative Investment Strategies offering.

  6. SMEs look to the new year with confidence – despite the ongoing pandemic

    Credit Suisse and S-GE publish a study on the SME Export Outlook for the first half of 2021

  7. Retail Outlook 2021: Consumer behavior varies, doubts remain

    Credit Suisse publishes study on the outlook for the Swiss retail sector

  8. Global wealth report 2020

    Global wealth report: The pandemic reshuffles the wealthiest group

    Overall, the number of millionaires shrank by just 1% in the first half of 2020. But the array of wealth implications triggered by the pandemic results in an unusually large number of new millionaires and an unusually large number of demoted millionaires.

  9. COVID-19 - accelerating existing socio-economic trends

    Credit Suisse Research Institute publishes new study looking at long-term implications of COVID-19.

  10. The Swiss economy: How SMEs are responding to the unprecedented crisis

    Credit Suisse publishes "Monitor Switzerland" for Q4 2020 focusing on the SME survey