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  1. Switzerland and Credit Suisse 2020 – Key facts and figures

    Credit Suisse has had close links to Switzerland ever since it was founded. The strength of this relationship has been particularly evident in recent months, as demonstrated by the SME support package and the COVID-19 fundraising campaign for Switzerland. Moreover, Credit Suisse is committed on various levels for the good of the economy and society. The brochure "Switzerland and Credit Suisse" is one example that highlights the commitment and firm conviction Credit Suisse has for Switzerland.

  2. Central Switzerland: A key factor in locational competition is diminishing

    Credit Suisse publishes regional study on the cantons of Central Switzerland

  3. Swiss Credit Market 2019: Swiss cantons still solid as a rock

    Credit Suisse publishes the Swiss Cantons Handbook 2019

  4. Locational quality 2019: Basel-Stadt tops the ranking for now, Vaud climbs nine places

    Credit Suisse publishes its annual study on the locational quality of Swiss cantons and regions

  5. Remember butter mountains and milk lakes? Welcome to the apartment glut.

    Credit Suisse publishes Swiss Real Estate Monitor Q3 2018

  6. Thurgau and Schaffhausen: location attractiveness in the upper middle range

    Credit Suisse veröffentlicht Regionalstudie über die Kantone Thurgau und Schaffhausen

  7. Entrepreneurs Beyond Borders: How Swiss SMEs Can Go Global

    Entrepreneurs Beyond Borders: How Swiss SMEs Can Go Global

    Switzerland has always had a lot of entrepreneurs. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from Switzerland are globally active and look beyond their borders to find customers, inspiration and growth. We asked some entrepreneurs for the secret to leading a Swiss SME to success on the world stage and their thoughts on what Swiss quality means to them.

  8. Swiss Tourism: The Future Lies in Quality, Not Quantity

    Swiss Tourism: The Future Lies in Quality, Not Quantity

    Tourism in the Swiss Alps is recovering at a slow pace. Group tours from Asian countries will make a significantly smaller contribution than independent travelers to value creation within this sector in the future too, according to the Credit Suisse economists. Rather than encouraging mass tourism, Switzerland should therefore be showcasing its attractions as a destination for independent travelers from Asia and elsewhere.

  9. Is There Anything More Personal than One's Own Home?

    Is There Anything More Personal than One's Own Home?

    Credit Suisse expert Fredy Hasenmaile talks about the "pipe dream" of owning property, falling rents, self-driving cars, couples who live in separate apartments, digitalization in the construction industry and his children's inheritance.

  10. Switzerland Needs New Growth Drivers

    Switzerland Needs New Growth Drivers

    Thanks to an improved earnings situation, companies are likely to invest more again in 2018. But immigration and the real-estate boom – which have been key growth drivers until now – are losing momentum. Alongside its proven export champions, Switzerland needs an upsurge in productivity in its domestic economy if it is to achieve sustainable gains in prosperity over the next few years.