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  1. Plastic pollution – Pathways to net zero

    Plastic pollution – a new way of measuring hope on the path to net zero

    Plastic pollution continues to be a key sustainability challenge for the world. Our latest report investigates different aspects of plastic pollution to share our research and allow for better understanding of this complicated issue, where taking action is often not as straightforward as it seems.

  2. The economy of small countries

    Does size matter? The economy of small countries

    Small states worldwide thrive even in hostile environments.

  3. Hong Kong skyline with the International Commerce Centre where Credit Suisse is located in the foreground

    AIC 2023: Asia enters a new chapter of growth

    What does Asia’s reopening mean for technology, sustainability and the future of the global economy?

  4. Investment Outlook 2023 – a fundamental reset

    Investment Outlook 2023 – a fundamental reset

    In hindsight, 2022 marks the year when geopolitics took center stage, not only significantly impacting the global economy and financial markets, but resetting international relations and global international commerce.
    This has implications for short-, medium-, and long-term growth, price prospects, and monetary and fiscal policy, potentially leading to sizeable shifts in the global monetary system with reverberations in financial markets.

  5. Trail steps are seen on the edge of a mountain.

    The future of sustainable investing

    Climate change and human rights issues have driven a dramatic growth in sustainable investing over the last decade. In 2021, 36% of all assets globally were managed with some form of sustainable link, up from 22% in 20121. Investment levels need to rise further still in order to achieve long-term sustainability targets.

  6. A young sprouting plant is seen being placed in soil

    Soil biodiversity: A hidden investment opportunity

    Biodiversity – the essential natural support system for life on earth and the foundation of our economy – is a key topic for investors. But a focus on above-ground species and ecosystems overlooks the relevance and impact potential of soil-based biodiversity.

  7. Sustainable investing – Niche no more

    Sustainable investing – Niche no more

    Sustainable and impact investing continues to have a "niche" reputation even though it has become a popular approach. A new Credit Suisse report, "Build for the future – A guide to sustainable portfolio construction," makes the case that the industry is far more mature than many realize.

  8. Women and men in the workforce

    Is COVID-19 a game changer for women in the workforce?

    The industries that typically employ more women, including healthcare, administrative services, education, hospitality, and restaurants, were among the most heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.1 Women suffered disproportionate job and income losses as a result of their overrepresentation in the hardest-hit sectors.

  9. Collectibles: Between passion and investment

    Besides serving as an alternative investment, collectibles are tangible assets that offer satisfaction and pleasure to their owners, furthering their personal interests and passions.

  10. Electric vehicles: the future of sustainable transport

    The International Energy Agency (IEA) envisages that global carbon emissions will need to reach net zero by 2050 to limit global warming. Industries can take action by switching to renewable energy sources and using carbon capture technologies to achieve this goal.