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  1. Credit Suisse: Best bank for entrepreneurs

    Credit Suisse has won the prestigious Best Private Bank for Entrepreneurs award from Professional Wealth Management (PWM) and The Banker. Additionally, Credit Suisse was recognized as Best Private Bank in the Middle East, Best Private Bank in Russia and Best Private Bank in Qatar.

  2. Swiss SMEs coping well with increasing protectionism

    Credit Suisse SME study 2019

  3. Female entrepreneurial drive has no boundaries

    Female entrepreneurial drive has no boundaries

    Pushing a business forward requires courage, vision, and an overwhelming desire to change the world around you. In fact, marrying profit-seeking with social purpose can often help your business and make it more sustainable. We asked some female entrepreneurs from around the world what drives them and how purpose has helped them build successful businesses. 

  4. Credit Suisse now making CHF 200 million of venture capital available to Swiss SMEs

    Expansion of venture capital vehicle Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd. from CHF 130 million to CHF 200 million

  5. Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd. invests in Zurich-based start-up Perspective Robotics

    Investment will support further business growth and the creation of jobs in Switzerland

  6. Credit Suisse launches "Entrepreneurs' Day"

    Recognition of entrepreneurial spirit and innovation to mark the 200th birthday of Alfred Escher on February 20, 2019

  7. Practice meets theory

    Practice meets theory

    Logitech founder Daniel Borel and Martin Vetterli, president of the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), talk about entrepreneurship in Switzerland, the founder gene, and the changes Alfred Escher would probably want to make in Switzerland today.

  8. Family business. Premium performance.

    Family business. Premium performance.

    Superior growth and returns have been a feature of family-owned companies over time and act as a backdrop to their stock market outperformance. The CS Family 1000 report assesses why.

  9. Entrepreneurs: Driven to think differently

    Entrepreneurs: Driven to think differently

    Entrepreneurs that run their own businesses are not the only people who demonstrate entrepreneurial thinking. Many successful business leaders may not consider themselves to be entrepreneurs in the typical sense, yet clearly demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit in the way they think and behave as decision makers. Understanding the motivations that drive this mindset can help everyone harness the power of such thinking and to make change happen in the world around them.

  10. Entrepreneurs Beyond Borders: How Swiss SMEs Can Go Global

    Entrepreneurs Beyond Borders: How Swiss SMEs Can Go Global

    Switzerland has always had a lot of entrepreneurs. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from Switzerland are globally active and look beyond their borders to find customers, inspiration and growth. We asked some entrepreneurs for the secret to leading a Swiss SME to success on the world stage and their thoughts on what Swiss quality means to them.