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  1. Electric, solar or classic cars: Can car passion be green?

    A Lamborghini is not a car. It's a statement. Like every other iconic car, it comes with the aura of a certain lifestyle and uniqueness. And a serious carbon footprint.

  2. Millennials and sustainable food. A long-term investment theme.

    Millennials and sustainable food. A long-term investment theme.

    Millennials' demand for sustainable food are revolutionizing the food industry, making way for new groundbreaking companies. Credit Suisse has identified Millennials' Values as one of the six long-term investment themes known as Supertrends.

  3. Coronavirus could speed up the workplace (r)evolution

    2020 is likely to go down in history as a pivotal year for the 21st century. The coronavirus pandemic has the potential to redefine many of our activities, not least the traditional office workplace.

  4. Millennial values and technology as a way of life

    Millennials are digital natives and technology is seamlessly embedded in their everyday lives. Even the oldest in this cohort can barely remember a time without the internet. As a result, millennials are disrupting traditional business models and are re-defining consumption.

  5. Stronger together. What we can learn from successful families.

    Families are the smallest entity in society. Within this social microcosm, the basics of communication and issue resolution are both taught and learnt. Generations not only confront each other but also progress together toward common family goals, providing a global blueprint to long-term success.

  6. Tech companies transforming the way we live

    Entrepreneurs are driven by a desire to make a difference. In doing so many are developing technology that can transform the way we live. How do investors find these groundbreaking companies?

  7. One Young World celebrates the young entrepreneur empowering migrant workers
  8. A new generation. A new approach to wealth.

    A new generation. A new approach to wealth.

    Millennials have soundly made their mark in the world through their interests, innovations, and entrepreneurial power. Their large population, with change makers native to new influencing channels and disruption, has already shown that being entrepreneurial is more than a business term: it's a mindset to take opportunities and risks and set progress in motion.

  9. Thinking about tomorrow: Family values as the successful foundation for your wealth today and beyond your lifetime.

    Thinking about tomorrow: The foundations for your wealth today and beyond your lifetime.

    In a changing world with fast evolving societies and a population having the longest lifespan expectancy in history, it is important to consider the meaning of wealth and what you want to achieve with it so that its legacy can last. Discovering common values with the inheriting generation is the first step in cementing that legacy.

  10. Key issues for Generation Z and politics

    Generation Z engages politically

    Youth culture has long been considered a politics-free zone, but now Generation Z is joining its predecessors in taking to the streets. Are we witnessing the political awakening of young people?